‘Barbie’ star Margot Robbie is expecting her first child

Margot Robbie. Picture: Instagram.

Margot Robbie. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jul 9, 2024


Australian actress and producer Margot Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley are expecting their first child.

The “Barbie” star, who has been married to Ackerley since 2016, has been trending on social media after pictures of her in a black suit paired with a white cropped top went viral.

When people saw her wearing that cropped top showing off her baby bump, they couldn’t help but think of Rihanna, who changed pregnancy fashion.

“I hate to be that girl, but I just immediately think of Rihanna when I see this new pregnancy style. Forever changed maternity fashion!” commented @JahiuFjolla.

Margot Robbie. Picture: X.

Rihanna, who has two children, changed the game when she started wearing revealing clothes during her first pregnancy in 2021.

She made a bold statement by signalling to women that pregnancy didn’t mean they should always be covered up as per societal norms. If anything, it’s a time for them to show off what their bodies are capable of, and that’s creating a human being.

Robbie’s pregnancy announcement was also powerful because she said a lot without saying anything.

In other news, American singer and actress Ashanti is also expecting her first child with husband Nelly.

Her brother Lloyd, who cannot wait to be an uncle, shared a heartfelt tribute to Ashanti’s unborn baby.

“Dear baby Haynes, you are surrounded by love, by good energy, and by ppl [people] who have prayed for your peace of mind way before you were born.

“One day, I will tell you of the times I got to sing to you while still in your mother's belly, of how your mommy changed my life, and of how your dad was there for me when I needed a little love and guidance.

“Can’t wait to meet you and make you laugh. Inshallah, Your uncle, Ladi,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Nelly recently hosted a lavish baby shower for his wife-to-be.

Ashanti. Picture: Instagram.