DURBAN - Intravenous (IV) vitamin infusions, one of the latest trends in Hollywood, are catching on fast in Durban with locals spending thousands hoping to achieve a youthful glow.

Celebrities such as Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have taken to the trend internationally.

In South Africa, the likes of Tatum Keshwar, Lalla Hirayama, DJ Euphonik, Kelly Khumalo,Tbo Touch and DJ Fresh have all been spotted having the treatments.

Administered through an IV drip, the treatment consists of natural vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants.

An international brand called Reviv opened in uMhlanga, offering the treatments.

Reviv Umhlanga, owned by businessman, Riaz Rehman, said if something was taken by mouth, up to 50 to 60% of contents were lost through the digestive tract, making IVs far more effective.

Rehman first tried the IV vitamin infusion in Miami last year. Later, he discovered that it was being offered in Joburg and started to have treatments done there.

Reviv is considered to be one of the leaders in the IV vitamin infusion industry with branches in the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

The aim of the treatment is to help with hydration, recovery from illness or jet lag, hangover relief, restoring vitamin and nutrient levels, refreshing cosmetic appearance and revitalising overall well-being.

This Sunday Tribune reporter tried out Reviv’s Royal Flush treatment and a glutathione wellness booster and felt wonderful afterwards.

This was administered through an IV drip for 35 minutes by a qualified nurse and a doctor was on standby for the duration of the treatment.

A blood pressure test was first done.

The Royal Flush is known to be Reviv’s signature treatment and is meant to replenish essential vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system, decrease inflammation, relieve pain and nausea, deliver an energy boost, detox the body and cleanse vital organs. The treatment was painless but had a short period of downtime which included light-headedness and an odd taste in the mouth.

However, I woke up feeling like a million dollars the next day, refreshed and rejuvenated with glowing skin.

The treatment costs R3 000 and can be done once every three months.