Chrisean Rock proves that Blueface is the father of her unborn child

Blueface and Chrisean. Picture: Instagram.

Blueface and Chrisean. Picture: Instagram.

Published Aug 29, 2023


Chrisean Rock, pregnant with her first child, reveals the paternity of her unborn child.

In the past months, we’ve seen Rock and her baby daddy, Blueface, on and on-and-off-again relationship.

As a result, Blueface went back to his first baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis. During that time, Rock seemed to be thriving, spending time with her friends and enjoying her pregnancy.

In the recent episode of their reality TV show “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love”, Rock showed Blueface the paternity test of her unborn child, which proved that Blueface is indeed the father.

“It says the alleged father is not excluded as the biological father,” said Blueface as he was reading the results. He couldn’t understand what that meant, so he asked Rock for clarity.

“That means you’re the father. You call me dumb, but you’re the slow one,” responded Rock.

People who watched the video commented by saying they wished the two could break up for good as their relationship has been toxic.

“All you can do is pray for that bond to be broken. Whatever love she thinks she can only receive from him is out there from people who will actually love her, and also within herself,” commented @Squigglemoonzo.

Another X user, @SheFell4Russia, pointed out that Blueface doesn’t want to be the father. “He doesn’t wanna be her bd so bad this is embarrassing for everyone involved. But this is the culture we need to protect from appropriation.”

Rock and Blueface have been dating on and off for three years. Their relationship started during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

The pair got together after Rock won the competition on Blueface’s OnlyFans series “Bad Girls Club”.

The rapper started a series by inviting girls to his house to compete for his love. Rock stood out from the other girls and was picked by Blueface. However, she had a fight with Blueface’s first baby mama and lost her front tooth.

Early this year, Rock decided to finally fix her tooth after a year of procrastinating. She added Blueface’s face on the new tooth as if tattooing his face on her neck was not enough. However, it wasn’t long until she removed the tooth.

The pair are expecting their first child together.

Meanwhile, Blueface has two children with Alexis.