Musician and content creator David Scott has created a Mmusi Maimane song which calls on people to vote for the DA, sort of.
Musician and content creator David Scott has created a Mmusi Maimane song which calls on people to vote for the DA, sort of.

Could this viral song give Maimane an #Elections2019 boost?

By Sihle Mlambo Time of article published May 7, 2019

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Durban - Cape Town musician David Scott may have just given DA Leader Mmusi Maimane the election boost he needed ahead of the May 8 elections. 

Scott released a comical trap hit song, titled Mmusi Maimane on Sunday, and the song has gone viral on social media. On Facebook, it is currently sitting at over 6 000 shares and 250 000 views, while on Twitter, it has attracted more than 2 000 retweets and 150 000 views. 

Using a free-to-use beat from YouTube, Scott said he recorded the song after receiving a cold call from the DA. 

He said upon introspection, he realised that the DA had been trying to be relevant to young voters and thought of how this could be achieved by using cultural references from the United States of America. 

With that in mind, he used a trap beat, incomparated some Beyonce touches and also referenced Cassper Nyovest’s K’sazobalit hit song in the production of the song, which took him less than an hour after scribbling some bars. 

The song’s lyrics: 

Skrrrrr krrrr 

Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane Mmusi Maimane, 

Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane, 

Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane, 

Mmusi Maimane I wanna get my money so I vote for Mmusi Maimane Mmusi Maimane, 

Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane, 

Mmusi Maimane, Mmusi Maimane 

I wanna get my money so I vote for Mmusi Maimane 

All these other haters shop at Pick n Pay 

You can shop at Woolworths when you vote DA 

No more corn flakes when you vote for Mmusi Vote for DA eating Woolworths muesli 

All these others haters voting ANC 

But they dont work ‘coz they get no money 

Pack your bags if you vote EFF 

Everything you own in a box, to the left, to the left 

He said the reference of the EFF going to the left was out of the party's left wing stance. The lines were borrowed from Beyonce's smash hit song Irreplaceable.

On Tuesday, Ipsos released its final survey ahead of the elections on Wednesday, and all scenarios, according to Ipsos, point to a DA decline in national votes. 

Ipsos predicts between 15-19% of the national vote from the DA, which would be a decline from their all time high of 22.23% under the leadership of Helen Zille in 2014. 

The DA would achieve 19% with a voter turnout of between 71-75%. The ANC could fetch between 56.9 - 65% of the vote, with the party getting stronger in the polls with an unlikely 80% turnout.  

The EFF, Ipsos predicts, would increase its votes from the 6% of 2014 to between 9.45% in the worst case scenario, and 11%, with an 80% voter turnout. 

Ipsos also said the DA would likely need a coalition partner to continue governing in the Western Cape, and said winning Northern Cape and Gauteng was unlikely.  

Meanwhile, Scott said he released the song through his band, The Kiffness, but said the song was written and produced by him, with the free YouTube beat. 

Scott said however that he remained unsure who he would be voting for on election day and said it was not necessarily an endorsement for the DA or Maimane, but he would consider them. 

“I’m actually not sure (who I’ll be voting for). I haven’t decided who I’m gonna vote for just yet. The song may come across as an endorsement, but that’s the content I’m into where there’s a grey area. You post something as a joke and you leave it to the viewer to decide for themselves. True art is where there is a grey area and it is left to the viewer to interpret their own meaning,” he said. 

Scott said he was considering voting for ‘the purple cow party’ - which is the newly established Capitalist Party of South Africa, as well as the DA. 

He said he would be spending the day reading more before making a choice. 

“I’m going to be doing a bit more reading today and see which one aligns best with my beliefs. At the end of the day it’s important to understand what the parties stand for, a lot of my friends are talking about the purple cow party and naturally you would share interests with them, but I want to read up more today before I decide,” said Scott, who describes himself as a regular voter. 

Scott has received some flak on social media for replacing the imprint of former president Nelson Mandela with a depiction of a gorilla on the South African R100 note in his video.  

He apologised and explained that the depiction was infact of Harambe, the gorilla who grabbed international headlines after he was shot at a zoo. Harambe, he said, had featured in his work before and was photoshopped into his wedding photo two years ago. 

It was because of the picture of the gorilla on the money, that he thinks Maimane deleted his tweet thanking Scott for the song. 

Maimane had tweeted: “Love your work. Indeed an honest government that focuses on economic growth and doesn't tax it's citizens to death would eventually mean more money in the pockets of every South Africa. Vote DA. We're kiffer than the others." 

Scott said he understood why Maimane deleted the tweet, because the stakes were high. The same message remains on Facebook.


“Mmusi saw the video and said he loved my work and soon afterwards he deleted the tweet, I think this is because he saw the Harambe on the R100 note and I think he deleted the tweet because the issue is contentious and did not want to endorse the video,” he said. 

He explained that he genuinely loved Harambe, but also had used him in a satirical manner in his work. 

But has Scott's catchy song influenced some to vote for the DA? 

OR maybe not. 


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