Cyan Boujee denies assaulting her former manager

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 15, 2024


Media personality, influencer and popular DJ, Cyan Boujee, is in hot water with her fans and followers after allegedly attacking her former manager.

Boujee is currently a hot topic on social media after it was reported by an online site that she punched her manager a few times in the face, knocking him down.

The online gossip site, “Maphepha Ndaba”, reported that the incident happened at a resort in Nelspruit and that a case of assault has been opened at the Sandton police station.

A voice recording of the argument is also making the rounds on social media.

Boujee took to her Instagram Stories to share her side of the story.

“I just want to tell you guys that you know me by now, if I actually beat someone up, I am going to own up to that sh**. How am I beating a 49-year-old?

“It doesn’t make sense guys. So this was my manager and I am gladly no longer working with him and I’m moving to an agency and we actually on our way to work. We have to stop now to address about that n****. He mustn’t feel like he’s that special.”

She continued to say that she is moving to an agency and will be “going international”.

“So if a person cannot accept that he is no longer getting any percentage from the brand because it is a consequence of how you treated me ... there is nothing I can do ... I am moving on, I am elevating.

“My team and I could have said so much, but we really don’t have the time. So peace out,” she said.

She added that fans and followers can chose to believe her former manager whom she called “the victim”, or stick with her.