Danny K shuts down cosmetic surgery rumours

South African musician Danny K. Picture: Instagram

South African musician Danny K. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 4, 2024


“Hurt So Bad” hitmaker Danny K is back in the spotflight after being away from the for several years.

The award-winning South African artist recently took to TikTok to address rumours that he has been indulging in cosmetic enhancers, such as botox.

Recently, Danny K was trolled by hundreds of social media users for his appearance after he shared a clip of himself visiting the Oyster Box Hotel in Durban.

In the short clip, Danny K took a dig at award-winning comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout’s picture that is hung on the walls of the iconic hotel.

“Yaaar mense, they will put anyone on the wall here at the Oyster Box,” said Danny K.

@dannykofficial @schalkbezuidenhout ♬ Real Man - Danny K

What was meant to be fun banter between the two industry legends turned ugly after keyboard trolls bullied Danny K about his appearance.

One user wrote: “This can’t be the same man who sings ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ 😭”, while another TikToker shockingly commented: “What happened to Danny???.”

Hundreds of other similar statements followed.

After seeing the commentary, Danny K set the record straight about whether he had gone under the knife, while advising Mzansi to be kinder citizens.

He captioned the video, “Don't let praise inflate your head, nor negativity deflate your heart. #Nofilter #BEKind”.

“A commentary on a appearance accusing me of the biggest bulls***, botox, plastic surgery, all of which, if I did, who the bloody hell cares,” he said.

He continued: “People use filters on this platform, they put make-up on for hours all to make themselves a little younger, a little more attractive, make themselves feel a little better about themselves.”

He said he wanted to share advice with people who take to public platforms like TikTok to share content and wait in anticipation for comments.

“I’m here to tell you that after nearly three decades in this business, having the good and bad, and everything in between, you really need to stop caring.

“I’m turning 47 this year, and I feel good about myself and so should you.”

He said that irrespective of whether the comments were good or bad, they should not be taken to heart.

“Feel good about yourself and just make sure you are spreading positivity in the world,” he said.

Watch the full video below:

@dannykofficial "Don't let praise inflate your head, nor negativity deflate your heart." #Nofilter #BEKind ♬ original sound - Danny K