'Die Fel Omstrede Kroon, Edward II & Gaveston' explores the complexities of love, betrayal and the cut-throat world of politics

Die Fel Omstrede Kroon, Edward II & Gaveston. Picture: FACEBOOK

Die Fel Omstrede Kroon, Edward II & Gaveston. Picture: FACEBOOK

Published Jan 10, 2024


In ‘Die Fel Omstrede Kroon, Edward II & Gaveston,’ we witness a gripping story of power, love and the chaotic aftermath when Edward II makes a bold decision to share the throne with his lover.

This daring move turns the most disliked man in the kingdom into a powerful figure, leading to a violent battle to restore order and preserve old traditions. No one is spared in this conflict – not the queen, the son, the lover or even the king himself

The cast includes the talented Edwin van der Walt, Rolanda Marais, Caleb Payne, Beer Adriaanse, Andre Roothman and Wilhelm van der Walt.

Under the direction and design expertise of Marthinus Basson, the production promises a visually stunning and emotionally-charged experience that takes on the complexities of love, betrayal and the cut-throat world of politics.

The drama unfolds with a nation in turmoil, where alliances are formed and shattered, and loyalty is tested to its limits.

Edwin takes on the challenging role of Edward II, navigating the treacherous waters of power dynamics and personal relationships.

Marais brings depth and emotion to the character of the queen, caught in the crossfire of political intrigue and her husband's controversial choices.

Payne and Adriaanse are cast in the pivotal roles of Gaveston and other key figures, adding layers of depth to the narrative.

Roothman and Wilhelm round out the talented ensemble, contributing to the overall richness of the production.

Basson guides the actors through a nuanced dance of emotions and motivations, bringing depth and authenticity to the performance

The musical score, composed by David Wolfswinkel, serves as the evocative heartbeat of "Edward II & Gaveston".

Enhancing the atmosphere and underscoring the emotional highs and lows, Wolfswinkel's music adds an additional layer of intrigue to the powerful story.

Where: Flipside - Baxter Theatre Centre.

When: From 16 January at 7.30pm.

Cost: Tickets cost between R150 to R250 and can be purchased from Webtickets.

‘Alan Committie in FAST and (reasonably) FURIOUS’

Get ready to laugh out loud as South African stand-up comedy Hall-of-Famer, Alan Committie, returns to Theatre On The Bay in Cape Town with his latest show, "FAST and (reasonably FURIOUS!"

Alan Committie Picture: FACEBOOK

Known for his lightning-fast wit, madcap physicality, and incredible crowd engagement, Committie is set to deliver high-octane fuelled show.

Expect a stage filled with flipcharts, featuring flagrantly flippant fun facts and hilarious rants, on everything from coronations to World Cup fever and artificial intelligence.

This show is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful year. It promises to be a raucous night of entertainment suitable for the whole family (except that one uncle nobody likes – seriously, do not invite him for everyone's sake).

Where: Theatre On The Bay.

When: January 8 - 31 January at 8pm.

Cost: Tickets are priced between R180 - R280 and can be purchased from Webtickets.

CTCS presents Olga Kern”

Widely regarded as one of the great artists of her generation, Olga Kern has graced the stage with renowned orchestras worldwide, including the St. Louis Symphony, Pacific Symphony, and the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C.

The Cape Town Concert Series 2024 season kicks off with a recital by Kern, whose illustrious career began with a historic gold-medal-winning performance at the Eleventh Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

Olga Kern. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Known for her vivid stage presence, confident musicianship and exceptional technique, Kern continues to wow audiences.

During the concert at the Baxter Theatre, she will treat the audience to some of her top-notch musical works.

Where: Baxter Theatre Centre.

When: 13 January at 5pm.

Cost: Tickets cost R100 - R280 and can be purchased from Webtickets.