DJ Wobbly calls Annie Mthembu’s hubby out for not paying him

DJ Wobbly. Picture: INSTAGRAM

DJ Wobbly. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jan 10, 2024


Katt Williams has been a source of inspiration for many, encouraging individuals to speak their truth, even when faced with discomfort.

In recent news, the spotlight is on business magnate Kgolo "Daguru" Mthembu, who is married to “The Real Housewives of Durban” star Annie, for allegedly failing to compensate Andile Mahlinza, better known as DJ Wobbly.

DJ Wobbly, a well-known DJ and producer, has taken to his Instagram account to shed light on his financial issues with Mthembu, the influential figure behind some of Durban's hottest nightlife spots, including Views At Twenty5, RichDurban and Luma Sunsets.

DJ Wobbly spoke on the non-payment after multiple bookings at Mthembu's establishments.

In what read as a heartfelt and desperate plea, he expressed the struggles he's faced in pursuing his passion, going as far as taking loans from friends to cover expenses related to his work at Mthembu's venues.

“It hurts me to do this but I've tried and tried to get answers about my payments for Rich and Views, till today I haven't received no communication from you because no one else has answers.

“10 years working together, and no decency to call me? I have repeated the same clothes just swopping days like I ain't worked for my money. This has messed up my emotional and mental state, clearly I don't mean jack to you for you to not pay me in so long. I DON’T SLEEP AT NIGHT, AND I’M TIRED OF THIS.

“Tell your management to call me with answers and how I will be sorted out. Maybe this is the only way I can get you to understand how much pain this situation has caused me and my family,” DJ Wobbly wrote.

Meanwhile, X users are questioning if this has anything to do with Annie not returning to the new season of the “Real Housewives of Durban”.

In response to DJ Wobbly’s post, musician Hanna known as @therealnigist commented: “I’m so sorry G 💔 I hope you get all that is owed to you, it should NEVER have to come to this.”

Another praised DJ Wobbly for his courage in addressing a sensitive issue concerning musicians in South Africa.

@jean_yuss_sa wrote: “Kudos to you for speaking out bro, you’ve consistently been one of a few of the long-standing dj’s in Dbn who’ve had the guts to always stand up for themselves & their craft.

“It’s sad that so few of them actually will die inside cause they’re afraid of “doors being locked", the whole time they didn’t realise they are no doors in dbn ent. You get exploited until you die or change career path.”

@ p_kuttah also commented: “Can’t believe that we’re in 2024 & venue owners/promoters are still treating DJ’s like this 🤦🏽‍♂️ It’s been a never ending battle that stems from as far back as when I started in the game.

“I’m proud of you fam for taking a stand & fighting for what you deserve & worked for. Hopefully this will also inspire other DJ’s to do the same & speak up.”