The nightlife in Durban is definitely still alive and kicking.
The nightlife in Durban is definitely still alive and kicking.
Lutho Pasiya.
Lutho Pasiya.
DURBAN - One of the great things about travelling is being able to check out the different types of nightlife that other provinces have.

I grew up in uMthatha, the small Eastern Cape town. I longed to move to a big city to truly experience the nightlife.

When I moved to Durban about four years ago I experienced something I never imagined I would. Not only was I free from my overprotective parents, but I was able to go to each and every place around Durban and at any given time. 

This was freedom and I fell head over heels for Durban’s nightlife scene. Back then there was the Spank Pub and Grill in West Tower on Dr Pixley ka Seme Street. It was so popular that 5pm on a Saturday it would start to fill up. By 1am, there would still be a queue of people waiting outside to get in.

It’s one of my highlights of the nightlife scene in Durban. Some people might not associate Durban with partying at this moment, but what I can tell them is Durban’s nightlife has diversified.

Just because places like Afro Lounge, Chynaman’s House, and Club Tilt are no longer there, does not mean Durban nightlife is dead; it’s just more advanced to a point where shisa nyamas are also kicking in, finding their spot in the nightlife scene. 

There’s always new spots on the scene, like Chesterville’s Mashamplanes Shisanyama, a new kid on the block but already holding its own in the nightlife scene.

Durban is famous for its countless bars, pubs and events, combined with one of the best club scenes of the province. When travellers arrive here, one of the first things they want to know is where they should go to. There are so many great places to go to that you can have great fun everywhere in this town.

The nightlife in Durban is a truly amazing experience, but do try to venture out of the ordinary. Look for new experiences and places to party.

While it may be easy going to eYadini Lounge, Max Lifestyle and Classique Café and Lounge, I suggest you look for the smaller, but great venues. Places like Lu’s Corner, Mashamplanez, Tates, and Artizen.