Faith Nketsi opens up about married men pursuing her

Reality TV personality Faith Nketsi. Picture: INSTAGRAM.

Reality TV personality Faith Nketsi. Picture: INSTAGRAM.

Published Jan 2, 2024


Reality TV personality Faith Nketsi dropped some truth bombs on X recently, giving us a glimpse into her thoughts on relationships, marriage, and the not-so-rosy side of social media.

In the aftermath of announcing her divorce from husband Nzuzo Njilo last year, she has been keeping it real

Taking to X, @_faith_nketsi shared her feelings about men and she didn’t hold back on sharing her encounters with married men trying to make a move.

In a recent post, she touched on the harsh reality behind seemingly perfect couples showcased on social media.

She wrote: “Agh I hate men 😂. Imagine scrolling through ig and seeing a couple that is serving ‘goals’ and then checking ur dm and realizing he has been at it since 2019 till now😩. Agh I hate y’all for ruining the fantasy 😩.“

Nketsi’s honesty peeled back the layers of the reality often presented online. It’s a reminder that things aren’t always as perfect as they seem, especially in the digital world.

However, tweeps felt slightly different about the situation. @ThabangTalks commented: “For you to see that someone DMed you, you have to open their profile, click on Message, and then check if they had messaged you. It is a process hey. The question is, what were you looking for? 👀”

@poshAfrican also wrote: “Ma’am you scrolled through IG & saw this couple serving couple goals…and you went further to check the mans profile (stalked) and then saw he was in your dms…”

While @judasdome said: “y’all ruined the fantasy first with being in love with the money before the person first.” Yikes.