Fans defend Emtee after Musa Khawula claims that he was ‘booted off the stage’

Emtee clapped back at Musa Khawula's fake allegations. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Emtee clapped back at Musa Khawula's fake allegations. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Dec 5, 2023


No stranger to controversy, Musa Khawula shared a video on his X account allegedly showing Emtee being removed from the stage as Shebeshxt made his entrance at the Alex Music Festival over the weekend.

But the video he shared doesn't really show Emtee getting booted. Instead, it's just Emtee hanging out behind Shebeshxt while the crowd goes nuts.

The caption for his post read: “Emtee booted off the stage upon the arrival of Shebeshxt.”

Is Musa just cooking up drama or did something really go down?

— Musa Khawula (@Musa_Khawula) December 3, 2023

Emtee did not handle the allegation well. In a now deleted post, according to “The South African”, he responded: “Your mother got booted out. You f**got! B**ch ass b*ti boy mad cos I ain’t come to your stupid ass podcast. F**k you. I’m f*ckin you up when I see u b**ch.”

Additionally, Emtee wrote in another tweet: “@emteerecords They told me to take the tweet down but I meant everything I sad and I said what I said 🤷🏾‍♂️ Yall gon have to Bomb me. Once.”

— Big Hustle (@emteerecords) December 4, 2023

Fans shared Emtee’s and defended the musician stating that it was in fact an “electric” performance and Emtee was simply supporting Shebeshxt.

In response to Khawula’s post, X users called out the podcaster for clout-chasing.

@StrAightMARVIN wrote: “Booted off when we clearly see them greeting? Come on.”

@Danieldacat shared a similar statement: “Booted off?? No guys get facts straight.YOU CAN NEVER BOOT OFF EMTEE ON STAGE. Emtee was done performing n by the time he was on stage the crowd was electrified.”

@vizzeroo said: “Then someone who hate emtee say he got booted😏, emtee is the most loved African Trapper.”

@SiyaSandi2 also commentedd: “@Musa_Khawula musa ukuphapha golo lakho,ain't no need to be chasing clout on Emtee's expense nxx Nja.”