Film-maker Thabo Rametsi co-writes his first comic book, ‘Imbokodo’

Thabiso Mabanna and Thabo Rametsi. Picture: Instagram

Thabiso Mabanna and Thabo Rametsi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 21, 2024


Award-winning actor, director, and producer Thabo Rametsi, has ventured into the comic book industry.

Together with renowned publishing company, Dark Horse Comics, Rametsi and his partner, Thabiso Mabanna, of Nguniverse Studios, have co-created, “Imbokodo”, the first of a four-part comic book series.

Rametsi is renowned for his commercially successful films like “Kalushi”, “Amandla” and “Silverton Siege.”

As he ventures into comic book writing, he hopes to one day create a cinematic universe.

“Imbokodo” is a thrilling Afro-futuristic adventure featuring the greatest warriors in Ndawo.

Award-winning actor, director and producer, Thabo Rametsi.

The new comic series is co-written by Rametsi and Mabanna, with illustrations and art by Katlego Motaung and the logo art by Gil Lazcano.

According to a statement: “‘Imbokodo’ is set in the land of the pyramid sun, Ndawo, where a single step for the Badimu (Gods) is a thousand Muntu (human) lifetimes.”

It tells the tale of a war breaking out among the Badimu, which casts a darkness over Ndawo. This darkness births genocide and war among the Muntu. And now, a thousand years later, Ndawo remains divided into several empires.

As the brutal war reaches a bloody crescendo, numerous young girls mysteriously go missing from their villages in the empire of Monomotapa, leaving behind a trail of carnage in their wake.

Queen Nyameka of Monomotapa commands the greatest warriors in Ndawo, the Imbokodo, to investigate the missing girls when a nameless woman, whose sister has also gone missing, fights to secure her place amongst the Imbokodo to find her.

The writers described “Imbokodo” as a “love letter to African history”.

“At its heart, it is a detective story about love of family and the brutality of war,” the writers said in a joint statement.

“But the story and the world created represent so much more as it shows Africa as it truly is - bold, thriving, innovative and at the forefront of the world's greatest stories.”

With the help of comic book illustrator Motaung also known as “DeadKatBarks”, Rametsi and Mabanna looked to honour the great warrior women of Africa.

“We honoured the likes of Nandi, Nzinga, Modjadji, Llinga, Amina, Nehanda and many other great warrior queens like the women who raised us.

“These books and films will pay homage to our majestic ancestry and immortalise African mythology and history as it should be,” said Rametsi.

∎ “Imbokodo” will be sold in comic shops nationwide from October 16.