Gigi Lamayne mourns the passing of her partner

Gigi Lamayne. Piture: Instagram

Gigi Lamayne. Piture: Instagram

Published Aug 16, 2023


Gigi Lamayne is mourning the passing of her partner and fellow musician, Liberty Mike Mhlanga. The multi award-winning musician broke the news of Mhlanga’s passing on her Instagram account.

Gigi Lamayne posted a statement from the Mhlanga family that read: “It is with great sorrow that the Mhlanga family is here to announce the passing of their son Liberty Mike Mhlanga aka YBK.”

The family also requested prayer during this difficult period of mourning.

Lamayne's post on Instagram revealed her profound sense of loss.

She expressed her love and deep connection to Mhlanga and also reminisced about their friendship of over ten years and their plans for the future.

“Forever you my babe. Forever us. ♾️ ❤️ @ybkvision 🕊️🕊️❤️ We had our whole lives ahead of us. I’m in pain. Liberty. We were so close to writing this story.

“Your last post … could you feel it somehow? We were Grown and ready. Why 😭😭😭😭😭 💔 God . Mina Angsazi . Let your will be done.”

She also shared: “Ride or die wish I had noticed sooner wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Gigi : The Ciara template worked y’all. 10 + years of friendship. Nothing can deter me from my happy ever after with you.

“To slaying dragons and Caprinhas in Miami I love you king . I choose you. #GoneGirl

“Our plan was to start a church. Through our past experiences, (we were going to) teach people about God. We had given our lives to God. Denounced the world. We had big plans.”

Screenshot from Gigi Lamayne’s Insta Stories.

She continued: “Oksalayo we were happy. I hope you’ll be happier in heaven.”

In a previous interview with IOL Entertainment, Gigi Lamayne introduced him as her partner and boss.

In a previous interview with IOL, she introduced Mhlanga as both her partner and boss.

They attended the premiere of "Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire" together, a project in which she played a role. Her excitement about sharing the red carpet experience with him was apparent..

“We’re here to experience the red carpet together,” she told IOL Entertainment.

Gigi Lamayne lends her voice to Mukudzei in the short film, “Adventures of Muku.”

"Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire" is an exciting project, consisting of ten premium animated original short films, all exclusively available on Disney+.

The anthology showcases an array of directors from several African countries, including Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt.

Watch the full interview below.

Video by Oluthando Keteyi (IOL Entertainment).