J Molley announces new name after embracing his newfound spiritual path

J Molley. Picture: Supplied.

J Molley. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jun 28, 2024


South African rapper J Molley, has faced a challenging 2024 so far, revealing that he has experienced “suicidal thoughts every single day since childhood” and had been consumed by the thought of ending his life due to suffering.

However, in early June, the musician whose real name is Jesse Mollett, shared a significant shift in his life’s, stating his plans to spend the coming months seeking clarity and understanding of his purpose within God’s plan.

He asked for continued prayers and support from his fans as he embarks on this journey.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, J Molley announced the death of his old-self after giving his life to Jesus, declaring that he has been renewed and now bears a new name.

Taking to his Instagram stories yet again, the South African star revealed that his name is now Yishai and that he will be having on Sunday, June 0.

“Had a great service on Sunday. Connect Group tonight & baptism this Sunday. J Molley is dead, the devil done lost me. My name is Yishai from now on. Things are about to take a 360° switch in my life. Whatever room I step in you gon’ to feel God,” he wrote.

J Molley has made his newfound love for God known after a failed suicide attempt weeks ago.

The rapper previously stated that his future activity on social media is uncertain and it will depend on a decision he will make soon.