J Molley calls Emtee out for being ‘a lean addict’

J Molley. Picture: Instagram

J Molley. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 9, 2024


J Molley (whose real name is Jesse Molley) caused a stir on social media recently when he posted a video where he called fellow rapper Emtee “a lean addict”.

The musician, who has been embracing his newfound faith, explained that their planned collaboration fell through because Emtee (real name Mthembeni Ndevu) allegedly couldn’t deliver in the studio due to him being high on lean.

The substance, also known as purple drank, is a recreational drug of mixing prescription with soda. It is apparently popular in the US hip hop scene and is believed to has also gained traction in South Africa's entertainment industry.

In the video, Molley claimed he footed the bill for their studio session and even covered their fuel money.

“As a stand-up guy, I paid for the studio session; I give them gas money,” he said, adding that he also bought them food.

Molley then criticised Emtee, stating: “He’s either passed out on the couch or passed out and can’t put his shoe on.”

The rapper from Pretoria claimed that he had been in the studio with Emtee three times in one week, but Emtee struggled to write even a single verse.

Molley also mentioned Bruno, Emtee’s long-time collaborator, alleging that he too was involved with lean.

Many people took to X to state that they didn’t believe that the digital sphere was the right place to air this matter.

This included @The_A_Wagon, who wrote: “He’s so unfair why bring such on social media.”

@Am_Blujay added: “J Molley calling Emtee A Lean addict, Emtee isn’t perfect but bro the last time you made headlines was not because of a song you wanted to kill yourself and wanted your Ex to feel guilty for it, you have zero hit songs.”

— The Instigator (@Am_Blujay) July 7, 2024

But @MkeroSA1saw things differently and said as much: “Shout Out to J Molly for being the bigger guy and not d**k riding Emtee for fame. Unlike the so called people who call themselves ‘Friends.’”

@ted_nash_also wrote: “And was excited they working together and couldn’t wait to hear what they have to offer … or maybe a marketing strategy before they drop it? Time will tell, if not then he fumbled. Emtee was gonna expose him to a different fan base.”

Since the controversial video surfaced, Molley’s social media accounts have disappeared.