J Molley returns stronger after battle with drug addiction

South African rapper J Molley. Picture: INSTAGRAM

South African rapper J Molley. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Mar 27, 2024


Popular South African rapper J Molley has returned to the spotlight after a seven-month hiatus, and he's not shying away from the reason for his absence.

Opening up to “Drum” magazine last year, the 24-year-old artist revealed his struggle with drug addiction, a battle that has silently plagued him since the tender age of 14.

Reflecting on his journey, J Molley confessed to progressing from codeine to weed, then to Xanax and eventually to cocaine.

He admitted that while he initially didn't see his drug use as problematic, hindsight painted a different picture.

He said: "When I was taking drugs, I didn’t think I was doing something crazy but, in hindsight, I saw that my drug intake was a problem."

Acknowledging the prevalence of drug use within hip hop culture, particularly in the United States where it's often glorified, he emphasized the importance of admitting one's struggles.

"Not many people admit to being addicts because it is accepted in the hip-hop culture, especially in America and it is praised," he said.

"It is a very normal thing, I had to admit that it is a problem, and I am talking about it because I know that many people are suffering, me included."

In a recent video shared on Instagram, the rapper extended a sincere apology to those he had hurt during his battle with addiction.

He said: "With utmost sincerity, I hope you can accept my apology. Why now and why share this with all of you? I’ve asked myself that question too, after more than 7 months of really processing it all have I started to see how much being honest sooner could have put a stop to the destructive path I was on.

“I hope that if anything, this may inspire someone else to be honest with themselves and take accountability sooner than later.

“Thank you so much to those of you that have always supported the music and shared kind words, for you guys and all those around me, I will be better.”