Jackie Phamotse’s best-selling book series, ‘Bare’, to be turned into TV show

Jackie Phamotse. Picture: Instagram

Jackie Phamotse. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 13, 2023


South African author and social activist Jackie Phamotse's best-selling controversial “Bare” series is being adapted for TV.

The series tackles important and controversial themes such as sex crimes, slay queens, sugar daddies, money and human trafficking, shedding light on the consequences of pursuing materialism and a lavish lifestyle.

Phamotse expressed her excitement on social media about the forthcoming project, describing the opportunity as a dream come true.

”My dreams are coming true! 7 years of pursuing one thing and tomorrow we announce our biggest project. Literally sitting in my home office in tears,” she tweeted.

“In pure disbelief and gratitude. This one is for the BARE nation, you deserve everything you have given me. 8am we announce 😭🙌🙌.”

On Wednesday, Phamotse took to her social media pages to announce the partnership with international film-maker Samad Davis to develop her book series into a TV series.

What’s even more exciting is that the feature-film distribution company revealed that they are also looking for South African actors to showcase their talent in the upcoming TV project.

Johannesburg-based actors are encouraged to take up this exciting opportunity to audition for roles.

“Ergo Distro International (executive producers Samad Davis, Dumi Gumbi and Cati Weinek) are looking for fresh talent for an exciting new series to be shot in South Africa, based on the best-selling author, Jackie Phamotse's "BARE" book series,” read the social media statement.

“If you think you have what it takes, email your CV, headshots and a short introduction video stating who you are, your contact information and a very short demonstration of your acting abilities; (self-tape).

“You must have read ‘Bare the Blessers Game’ and know all the characters, including the ones you are auditioning for.

“Bare: The Blesser Game” follows the story of Treasure, the protagonist, depicted as a dreamer who leaves her troubled family in Westonaria for the allure of Johannesburg, often referred to as the "city of gold and black diamonds."

She becomes entangled in a world of materialism and is groomed by a wealthy man, but it raises questions about the true cost of her choices and the emptiness that can come with pursuing material success at the expense of one's principles and soul.

It asks whether material pleasures are worth the sacrifices, and whether genuine human connections and inner fulfilment can be found in a world focused on superficiality and wealth.

The book explores themes of ambition, materialism and the consequences of wanting a lavish lifestyle in pursuit of fame and wealth.