Khanya is irredeemably toxic, Nkateko should have run for the hills in ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa’

Thabi, Genesis, Khanya, Nkateko and Lebo in ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa’. Picture: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Thabi, Genesis, Khanya, Nkateko and Lebo in ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa’. Picture: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Published May 17, 2024


YOH, Mzansi has been emotionally invested in the unfolding shenanigans on “The Ultimatum: South Africa”.

The show has been trending on X since it debuted, with Khanya mostly in the eye of the storm.

She joined the show with her partner of one year, Nkateko, and gave him the “marry me or move on” ultimatum.

Now before I unpack the jaw-dropping moments she delivered as the resident bully, let’s talk about the show.

It centres on six couples, one of whom has issued their partner with their dealbreaker as they want to move forward. Insert Beyoncé’s "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)".

The challenges for each couple are similar in that they are dealing with a commitment-phobic partner. But they are madly in love with their person. They just need to see change and a future.

The other five couples include Lebo and Nolla. She issued the ultimatum to Nolla after a year and a half of being together. Lebo feels he is a flirt, which he laughs off. Having been hurt in the past, Lebo has trust issues.

Ruth and Isaac have been together for two years and she decided enough was enough as he refused to introduce her to his family or give her the love and attention that she needs.

Nkateko and Khanya in ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa’. Picture: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Meanwhile, Thabi and Genesis have been together for seven years. But he hasn’t stepped up to reach out to her family and begin the lobola negotiations. She refuses to wait any longer, so he is brought onto the show to finally make a decision.

Talk about a seven-year itch, Courtney and Aiden are in a similar situation. His indecisiveness has become a serious problem in the relationship. As such, Courtney decided to make this call.

Last but not least, there is Sizakele and Lindile, who have been together for six months. Unlike the previous couples, it was Lindile who issued the ultimatum to Sizakele, who wasn’t feeling the idea of marriage or kids.

The show is hosted by Salamina Mosese and Tshepo “Howza” Mosese, who have been married for 15 years and have gone through something similar, in that Salamina was given an ultimatum. That said, they are relationship goals for sure.

Aside from looking amazing when they walked through the door, the couples put on a lovey-dovey front while they sussed each other out.

In the first week, they had to get to know each other as a “single” and figure out who they matched best with to go into a three-week trial marriage. Thereafter, they would return to their original partners and do the same before deciding if that is their forever person or not.

Now going into an experimental situation like this isn’t without risks as you are giving your partner an out if they so choose.

Isaac and Ruth in ‘The Ultimatum: South Africa.

And the temptation of sharing a bed with someone you are attracted to might be a lot for some to resist. Of course, this is where the drama increased tenfold.

Some couples like Nolla and Ruth got very comfortable with each other. Let’s just say those flirtatious laughs weren’t without a secret or three, despite Nolla claiming otherwise when asked how far they went.

Sizakele and Nkateko were just cute from the get-go. Her infectious laughter, which grated Khanya to no end, and bubbly, warm personality won him over. Nkateko was such a gentleman. He was romantic, attentive and the epitome of calm.

Also, Thabi and Lindile were amazing together. There was unmistakable chemistry and a deeper connection between them.

Khanya and Isaac started on a steamy note but it fizzled quickly. Asking her what she brings to the table was met with a flippant “I am the table” response.

She was unapologetic - not in a flattering way - about being herself. As far as she was concerned, she was the full package and only a real man could appreciate her. She made it clear that if you didn’t, you were a “boy”.

At a time when gender-based violence is a serious issue along with mental health, her behaviour with Nkateko was not just telling, it was cause for concern.

He should listen to his mama and run for the hills.

It’s one thing to have a tantrum but Khanya is extra and definitely needs to go for anger management.

I get that hurt people, hurt people. But she goes beyond that. Her verbal attacks and aggression, which were experienced by her partner as well as Isaac, Sizakela and Ruth, were irredeemably toxic. Full stop.

The couples that I felt were a complete mismatch were Genesis and Courtney as well as Aiden and Lebo. There was zero intimacy between both couples. Theirs was more of a roommate situation and very unfulfilling when you think of the objective behind the swop.

Of course, no reality show is without conflict. And this one served up plenty, especially with a secret coming up that had a knock-on effect on several individuals with one couple bowing out of the experience.

I’m still not sure whether agreeing to be on a show like this is brave or foolish. Either way, it is hella entertaining and Urban Brew Studios has done a stellar job from a casting, directing and production perspective.

Seriously, if there is one reality show to watch right now, it is this.

∎ “The Ultimatum: South Africa” is streaming on Netflix.