K.O on ‘Let Me Cook’: ‘I want to be the spark that ignites the resurgence of hip hop’

Maglera Doe Boy and K.O. Picture: Supplied

Maglera Doe Boy and K.O. Picture: Supplied

Published May 20, 2024


South African hip hop royalty K.O recently dropped a new single that he hopes will re-ignite the hip hip scene.

Titled “Let Me Cook”, it features rising star Maglera Doe Boy and pays homage to his township roots.

With his legion of fans already hooked on the track, it’s received close to 100K streaming on YouTube alone.

During a conversation with Independent Media Lifestyle, K.O said: “It’s humbling. It just goes to show that I am in a very unique position as far the gift God gave me and I don’t take that for granted. It’s easy for people to move on to the next person, so I am forever grateful.”

K.O said he decided to collaborate with the “Memoirs” hitmaker because he gravitated towards Doe Boy’s aura and energy.

“He’s so pure and raw and I just gravitate towards people like that. There are different breeds of hip hop artists, but ones that I know that are almost the same as me, with the style of writing, the raw and unapologetic lyrical prowess that they showcase, I am very enticed by those type of guys. Maglera is no different.”

“He’s on a serious run right now, and about to be one of the biggest things in the new wave, it only made sense to work with him.”

“I don’t rush to just anyone. It’s only just the ones that stand out and who are stand-up guys as well.”

He said he believed the partnership would benefit both his and Doe Boy’s brands.

“Growth is about colabs and partnering with other people, it’s one of the tricks within business as a whole.

“I think for Maglera, this might be one of the biggest records he’s been on, I think this song is going to be the one to take his brand up a notch.”

With “Let Me Cook”, the two artists wanted to paint a picture about what goes on in their day to day lives.

“I’ve always been ‘cooking’, but that phrase alone has become one of those street slangs in hip hop, where it says ‘Allow me to paint the picture for you with no interruptions’.

K.O. Picture: Supplied

“We wanted to paint the scene and what we get put to in our day to day lives, especially being born and raised in the township, so I think it was the perfect marriage for us to narrate our backgrounds. We are people who never turned our backs on where we come from,” said K.O.

K.O, who has always prided himself in remaining consistent with his music, said he will continue to dish out the best quality of music he possibly can.

“I want to always be present in the culture and carrying the torch in my own way. I think right now it’s a very low tide in local hip hop and this song could potentially be one that re-energises things.

“I just want to be the spark that ignites the resurgence of hip hop. I’m here to stay. And I want to help other guys to the scene.”

The “Sete” hitmaker promised that fans can expect more music from him in the third quarter of the year.

“This song forms part of my next solo album. I have a couple of dope collabs in there. And a very special song to me, and I can’t wait to hear it with the people. It’s the last record that AKA did with me, I think it’s a totally smash.

“People and his fans can look out for that as well. I also have a couple of other guys from the continent who are also featured on the album.

“It’s very ecliptic, when people hear it they will appreciate the artistry and the versatility of what I have to offer,” he ended.

The two rappers have also been chosen as Apple Music’s “Rap Life” May cover stars, where they speak to global editorial head of hip hop and R&B, Ebro Darden on there union.

Listen to “Let Me Cook” below: