Kristen Wiig on returning as a new character in ‘Despicable Me 4’

Published Jun 28, 2024


Actress Kristen Wiig, who voiced the character of Miss Hattie in “Despicable Me” has returned to the franchise, but this time as a different character.

Wiig now voices the character Lucy, who is Gru’s wife.

In a Q and A, here’s what the renowned actress had to say about her new role on the long-standing franchise.

Could you ever have imagined that nearly 15 years after the release of “Despicable Me” that you would still be working on these movies?

“No! I mean, I was so happy to play Miss Hattie in the first movie, but then just kind of assumed that since the girls were adopted I wouldn’t be in any others.

“So, the fact that they asked me to come back and be a different character for the next three films is amazing and working on them has been one of my favourite experiences.”

Why does the movie mean so much to you?

“Well, people truly love these films. Adults enjoy taking children to watch them, and teenagers like them too.

“They are truly made for everyone and it just feels great to be part of that family. It is also a very nice opportunity to make people happy, especially during these times in our world.”

Why do you think this animated franchise has reached so many people?

“Because it’s got action and comedy, and at its core it’s about family. It just has a nice heart to it, with moments where you even tear up a bit.”

In the movie, you return to the role of the skilled secret agent Lucy, Gru’s wife and mother to their kids. Are you like her in any way?

“Oh my gosh, I wish I had her energy! In this film you see her mama bear come out, and I think I’m like that with my family a little bit too. So, Lucy loves her work, but family comes first, and that’s something I can relate to for sure.”

Are you looking forward to seeing “Despicable Me 4” with your family?

“Oh yeah! My kids have seen the first film and they just love the Minions. So, I’m very excited to see ”Despicable Me 4“ with them. It’s nice to have something we can all watch together that I’ve been a part of.”

Animated characters in ‘Despicable Me 4. Picture: Supplied.

Is it easy for you to slip back into this character when you return to each movie?

“Yes, because it’s fun to slip into someone so energetic and positive who loves her husband, as she is very supportive of Gru.”

Gru, Lucy and the kids are forced to relocate to a new town. How does Lucy see that move?

“I think Lucy sees everything as an adventure. And because their relocation is about keeping her family safe, she is trying to rally them to be excited.

“So, I believe Lucy is genuinely happy to do something new, even though she doesn’t love her new name so much. Other than that, I think she just tries to steer the ship.”

Tell us more about how she adopts a new job as a hairdresser to stay incognito?

“Lucy is a highly-trained, super-skilled, take-no-prisoners agent of the Anti-Villain League. And now she’s faced with giving a little haircut. I mean, how hard can that be? We will see…”

Gru is a fish out of water wherever he is, but even more here.

“Yeah, he’s the only guy in town wearing a long black shirt and looking the way he does.”

Steve Carell returns to the iconic role of Gru and then you also have an extraordinary group of actors joining the franchise in “Despicable Me 4”.

“They always get such great people: Will Ferrell, Sofía Vergara, Chloe Fineman, Stephen Colbert… It’s exciting!”

We’ll also meet the Mega Minions, with their superpowers, in this one. What can you say about them?

“That they are Minions on steroids. They are kind of like gremlins, but after midnight. Watch out!”

Which one of their superpowers would you like to have?

“I don’t care that much about flying, so I would have to say super strength.”

And what if you could choose any superpower imaginable?

“I wish I could take naps, but that’s not really a superpower. Maybe reading people’s minds. That would be a good one to have as long as I could turn it off whenever I wanted to because if not, you are hearing everyone all the time, which isn’t good.”

How was it to reunite with director Chris Renaud on this project?

“I love Chris. He is so talented, and he just lets you play. I enjoy working with him because it’s very creatively fulfilling and fun.”

Actors say that it can be quite freeing to voice an animated character, as you don’t need to worry about what you look like or what’s going on around you. Do you agree?

“I mean, everybody always jokes that you can go to work in your pyjamas; but the truth is that you can, and I have! I think it’s nice because you get to do many takes and so many different things with your voice. I love doing voice over.”

Why do you believe these films continue to have so much success?

“Because they feel familiar, and they are about family. You can also always look forward to a hilarious villain. They are just so much fun to watch, no matter how old you are.”