Lady Zamar makes ‘Previdar’ cover, talks new beginnings with ‘Rainbow’ album

Lady Zamar. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Lady Zamar. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jul 1, 2024


South African singer and songwriter Lady Zamar is back! After a five-year hiatus filled with personal setbacks and soul-searching, she's ready to reintroduce herself with her latest album and magazine cover story.

She's not just dropping music this year; she's shining bright on the cover of “Previdar” magazine.

Zamar recently expressed her excitement about this new chapter and she's owning every bit of it.

In an interview with “Previdar”, she opened up about her third studio album, “Rainbow”, which was released just a few weeks ago. The 12-track masterpiece is her first since 2019, and it's clear she's poured her heart and soul into it.

“Previdar” took to Instagram to celebrate Zamar’s comeback, saying, "With Lady Zamar’s Rainbow, we see the re-emergence of a completely different person."

And she is feeling the transformation. "I have to reintroduce myself again, I have to re-establish myself," she said.

In their cover feature, the magazine promises a no-holds-barred look at one of South Africa's most decorated modern singers.

Zamar opens up about her journey of growth, pain, love and letting go.

Zamar told the magazine: "Yeah, I feel like I’m starting from the ground up as a musician. Maybe not as a brand - my brand has been established for some time - but as a musician, it feels like I have to reintroduce myself again, I have to re-establish myself. When I think about it, it feels like... whoa!"

She's diving into new sounds, experimenting with amapiano on her new album but she knows she has to rebuild her fan base since many people have moved on to other artists over the years.

"So it’s like that," she added. "We are starting from scratch again, like rebuilding an entire fan base."

Additionally, Zamar shared some behind-the-scenes footage, and she slayed with every single look. Fans are living for it, and so are we.