LISTEN: Busiswa is back on the music scene after one year hiatus

Busiswa. Picture: Instagram

Busiswa. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 1, 2023


The award-winning music maker is back on the scene with a new track titled “Eazy” after a year out of the limelight.

Appearing on Metro FM's “The Touchdown” presented by Tbo Touch, Busiswa spoke about how excited she was to be back and why she had found it necessary to take a break and reflect.

“I’m always making music, I am generally in studio at home, I made a studio for myself, and with other people as well. But I went through a period where I wasn’t making anything meaningful.

“I was out of touch with the streets, out of touch with what is my message. I was very worried about what’s my message.

“The only thing I am sure of, is that I’m here on earth to make people happy. I’m here to help people find the words to celebrate. I’m here to give people the melodies for their good time... I’m here to take their low time and turn them into high times,” she told listeners.

Further on in the conversation, she mentioned going into therapy and gym and trying to spend time with her own thoughts to figure out her purpose.

“I spend a lot of time talking to my son as well... He surprises me when he talks about me or when we are sharing thoughts, he also gives me a lot of enlightenment. And I always come back to remembering why I started, and why I need to continue.”

Taken aback by the new and improved version of Busiswa, Tbo Touch said, “I am hearing you speak and I’m like what is going on... I feel like I am talking to your higher self.”

Responding, the “SBWL” hitmaker said, “You get to an age when you’re like, we are all here for a purpose, you can get lost in a whirlwind, we’ve seen it a lot, especially with artists.

“Every artists experiences a time when they get caught up with being told what they should do, only because they remember you in a particular way, but that can’t be your mission for yourself, your mission needs to be personal. And you have to find physical ways to help you do that.”

About her drastic weight-loss, the artist shared that three years ago, when her son was two, she realised that she didn’t like the way she looked.

“Feeling very heavy, also made me feel very heavy inside. After having a baby I felt like I can’t carry myself the way, I used to.

“It started becoming important for me to take control of my body. I want to be the kind of mom that (is) going hiking and biking, especially as a single mom. I want to be actively involved in my son’s life,” she said.

Recently, Busiswa’s Xhosa verse on “My Power” was played at every concert on Beyoncé’s 56 city Renaissance World Tour.

“It was blasted on every single stadium stage during Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour across Europe and America,” she shared.

Listen below: