LOOK: Bonang Matheba makes the cover of ‘Glamour’ for celebrating 20 years in the entertainment industry

Bonang Matheba. Picture:

Bonang Matheba. Picture:

Published Aug 14, 2023


Bonang Matheba is celebrating an impressive 20 year milestone in the media industry on the cover of “Glamour” magazine.

The cover shoot took place over an extensive 15-hour session at the breathtaking setting of Kruger Shalati in Mpumalanga, which added to the allure of her celebratory appearance in the spring edition of the magazine.

Matheba has established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment sphere, with her multifaceted roles as a TV and radio host, master of ceremonies (MC), businesswoman, producer, model and philanthropist.

Her journey began when she made her television debut at the age of 15 on "Manhattan Fantasy Challenge" in 2002, and since then she has carved out a remarkable career that has garnered her a massive fan base.

In a conversation with Glamour's editor-in-chief Nontando Mposo, Matheba reflected on her journey to stardom.

She shared insights about the lessons she learnt along the way, her approach to maintaining her influence, her aspirations for the future and her desire to leave a lasting impact.

“Longevity is very important and very rare in the entertainment industry, especially in TV hosting. It’s about how you commercialise your brand and keep it relevant, and I have been able to do that,” said Matheba.

“Success is really also about staying true to yourself and keeping with what you really love and things that are essentially for you – things that make you genuinely excited! If you look back, it’s always about the same things for me; TV production, fashion, entertainment and luxury … that is what Brand Bonang has always stood for!

“Twenty years in and that is still what I love! I am proud of myself and I think I have another 20 years to go – I have so much more to add to my large tally of accolades and achievements.”

Matheba emphasised the importance of consistency, personal growth and the drive to constantly challenge oneself as key contributing factors to her success.

Bonang Matheba. Picture: Glamour

She attributes her strong work ethic and drive to her mother, Charlotte Mokoena, who serves as a powerful role model for her.

“I am a workaholic and I get that from my mom Charlotte Mokoena. She is a visual representation of what a hard-working woman is.

“She started her career as a nurse at Baragwanath Hospital and has worked at Telkom, Huletts Sugar and is now the executive vice president for human resources and corporate affairs at Sasol.

“My mom is a representation of doing what it takes to become what you want to be. Any successful person will tell you that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra that you put in.

“We all have 24 hours in a day and we are all talented but those who take their talent more seriously than the others, will be more successful.”

Matheba says she wants to be remembered as a powerhouse businesswoman who played a significant role in elevating the entertainment industry, not only within her local community but on a global scale as well.

“I want to be remembered for being a part of positive change in the South African media and business landscape, for creating opportunity and growth for future generations to benefit from.

“I also want to be remembered by every young African child as the one who showed that it really is possible to be anything you work hard enough to be.”

Meanwhile, Matheba recently hosted the prestigious Miss South Africa pageant at the SunBet Arena, in Tshwane, on Sunday.

Matheba, who was the host in 2018 and 2019, said she was excitement and honoured to be a part of the prestigious event.

Glamour magazine is currently on sale online and in major retailers and bookstores.