LOOK: Judy Jay buys her first car at 23 but followers feel she was misled?

Judy Jay posing next to her first car. Picture: Instagram.

Judy Jay posing next to her first car. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jan 16, 2024


South African DJ Judy Jay (real name Judy Mahlatji) just bought her first whip at 23.

Jay rose to fame in 2021 when she won the Diesel Denim Friday DJ competition. She was 19 at the time.

After winning, she took a break from the music scene but quickly returned when she realised that was her passion.

A few years later of hard she’s rewarded herself with a red Volkswagen GTi.

“Welcome home, my new baby ❤️ 23 years old and blessed🙏 ke Banyana badi (girls with) Golf 7.5 GTi (TCR),” she wrote on X as she posted pictures of her car.

While many are happy for her, petrol heads highlighted that the salesperson may have misled her about it being a TCR.

“TCR is completely different from your car, the GTi TCR badge it’s red, yours isn’t. I hope they didn’t charge you the TCR price on this one, otherwise take that imposter back and DM me for assistance,” commented @cashtowk.

Mahlatji’s car sparked a conversation, with many people highlighting that women with no knowledge about cars are usually lied-to by car salesmen.

“We need to have a conversation on how car salesmen rip us women off. A lot of women are not knowledgeable about cars, especially the mechanical aspects, telling me to do research about cars like it’s a 3-page book - which I might still not understand.

“Not everything will make sense to me, how cars work is one of them,” said @zoem___.

Others said the best way to purchase a car, especially as a first-time buyer, is to go to a franchised dealership.

“It is advisable to buy a car from a franchised dealer. They rob you better there. You can always complain to the dealer manager or the franchiser when you have a problem. Unlike at the dealer-owner where sales are life and death,” said @benny_mab.

Also, it is advisable to ask someone knowledgeable about cars to accompany you when shopping for a car. The first step is to do thorough research on the car you wish to purchase.

Check how much fuel it consumes, how hard it is to find its parts, how much it is to service it, how much it is to ensure it and most importantly, check if it’s a high-risk car to avoid being a target to hijackers.