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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Lorcia Cooper on health and wellness: ‘The 5am club is not for me’

Lorcia Cooper. Picture:Instagram

Lorcia Cooper. Picture:Instagram

Published Aug 18, 2023


She is known for her hardcore acting roles in multiple soapies and films in Mzansi, and most will remember her as the strong-willed dance star named Charmaine in “Backstage”.

But beyond all the formiddable characters she inhabited, Lorcia Cooper has a soft side, too, and has been speaking out about her health and wellness a lot of late.

The award-winning mom of two took to social media this week to share snippets of her visit to Cape Town, her hometown.

While on the trip, she told followers that she had shifted her mindset on her health and that wellness can be achieved at her own pace.

In a six part video, she said: “Dear 5am club ( which I can now confirm is not for me ) I even got time to do video diaries 🤣🤣🤣🤣

“Fam - all I wanna say is stop feeling Sh#t . You feel out of shape, instead of using your energy to negative self talk, redirect it and find your starting point and not based on what it `should ‘ be but simply just with where you’re at.

“Begin anywhere. And make the choice to feel good about Yourself. Your body is the home housing your Magnificent spirit… #SpiritHavingAHumanExperience

“My Goal: Alignment of body, mind, spirit. What’s your goal ?”

She also touched on her journey with skin renewal and removal of lipoma- a slow-growing fatty lump or tumour just below the skin and the underlying muscle layer. It is not cancerous and some people can have more than one lipoma.

Cooper currently plays Mimmie Cooper in the local TV drama, “Nikiwe”.

Her acting career saw her bag a SAFTA award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for “Lockdown”.

Followers were encouraged by her post. This is what they had to say:

@patricia1boyer wrote: “My friend @lorcia1cooper first off you actually do look like this in real life. You don't need a filter. 😅 Second. I have exercised all my life and since covid I haven't really got back into regular gym.

“I just don't want to but I also so badly want to go back to exercise. A conundrum”

@nadsbeaufort wrote: “This is what I needed to here, I always yous to love these type of talks you use to give the class, way back when I was a part of your Saturday dance classes back in 2009/2010 just before the world cup started you use to push us to find out inner self, I remember how you use to push Talkies and today I look at her Talkies and I say to myself, this was all Lorcias doing cause talkies is very determined at what she is doing right now, for me life happened but after listening to this, I realised that it's time to start again but where I currently am and take it one step at a time. Thanks for this Lorcia, God bless you.🙌”

@umjaka wrote: “Really proud of you. This lands so perfectly. I’m no 5am club person neither, but as soon as the kids are out the house, I started ‘stealing’ 30 mins for a workout before starting the grind! Now it’s automatic 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾“

@cezanne.britain wrote: “Ja nee. 5am Club is not for me either. We must work with our own rhythm❤️.”