Maglera Doe Boy denies being Cyan Boujee’s mysterious man

Maglera Doe Boy. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Maglera Doe Boy. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Mar 12, 2024


Cyan Boujee is stirring up a storm once again, flaunting her latest romantic getaway with her new bae and leaving Mzansi in a frenzy of speculation.

The social media influencer recently took to Instagram to tease her followers with glimpses of her mysterious new boyfriend.

Amid the envy-inducing backdrop of a lavish vacation, the couple can be seen living it up, sipping on cocktails and indulging in more than one form of snack.

Boujee captioned her saucy post: "on cloud 9 💋", leaving fans itching to uncover the identity of her mystery man.

Of course, where there's mystery, there's gossip. With no clear view of her partner's face, speculation ran rampant, with some eager fans quick to point fingers at South African rapper Maglera Doe Boy.

However, the hip-hop artist swiftly shut down the rumours with a fiery tweet, setting the record straight that he's not the one get cosy with Boujee.

Taking to X, he wrote: “Crazier niggas think I can afford diamonds like that. I own a Polo and I buy Carvelas ka month end.”

Some fans are still convinced that it’s him.

@Neo_Naithan wrote: “My Boi the level of defensiveness you doing is becoming suspicious 🤔🤔😹😹.”

@ItsBEAR____wrote: “Auwa that's definitely you bro😭Phela you said you do not buy your jewels on Alibaba. You def can afford🔥🔥.”

@C_that commented: “You protesting too much... 🤣🤣 Which leads to believe... 😂😂🤣”

@maxkeyrsa also commented: “Mara y’all look alike eish.”