Moonchild Sanelly says she's taking a break from social media to focus on her mental health

Moonchild Sanelly. Picture: Supplied

Moonchild Sanelly. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 9, 2023


Being an artist on social media can be challenging as there are many ways the online world can suffocate your creativity and hold you back.

For some celebrities, the best way to find peace is to take a hiatus from social media, where chaos can flourish.

J Molley, Dineo Ranaka, Pearl Thusi and Ard Matthews are some of the stars who have taken a break from social media to focus on their well-being.

Recently, Moonchild Sanelly (real name Sanelisiwe Twisha) announced that she’s taking a timeout from social median.

She took to Instagram to announce that she would be off social media as she needed to restore her sanity.

“Off socials for a bit. I’m a lil overwhelmed at the moment. Prolly switching phone off for a week. I need my sanity. If it’s urgent you know who to call. It’s a lil too much, to be honest,” she wrote.

Industry colleagues offered words of support to the star.

Lady Du said: “I’m sorry my love. We are here for you.”

Thembisa Mdoda said: “Love you my nana.”

Ammara Brown wrote: “Take all the time you need, love. Sending peaceful vibrations your way.”

Earlier this year, Sanelly said she had had to start from zero after her millions of rand were stolen in South Africa.

Her comment came after fans and celebrities demonstrated support for Makhadzi when she said she had been exploited by her record company.

Sanelly assured Makhadzi that she would be okay.

“Sending my love to @MakhadziSA You’ve got this, boo. They cleaned out my millions in SA, and I just bought a house, having started from scratch again.

“Ur the money!!! Always remember that!!! You’ll be okay baby. It’s gonna be a chapter in your best-selling book of life; let them laugh,” she wrote on Twitter.