Murdah Bongz teases new EP, ‘Morda Cr4zy’

Murdah Bongz. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Murdah Bongz. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jun 4, 2024


Is there a competition we don’t know about or are South African artists just bringing the heat this year? The music scene is buzzing, and adding fuel to the fire is Murdah Bongz, aka Mörda, who has announced his new EP, “Morda Cr4zy”.

Since parting ways with the renowned music duo Black Motion, Bongz has been tirelessly working to establish himself as a formidable independent artist.

His dedication and passion have only intensified and fans have been enjoying his solo journey.

On Monday, Bongz took to social media to share the exciting news of his forthcoming EP, along with its tracklist. Additionally, “Morda Cr4zy” features collaborations with artists such as Brenden Praise, Lusanda, Mpho Wave, and Kwamsy.

The EP consist of five tracks, each likely to showcase his distinctive style and innovative sound. The tracklist includes “Feeling good”, “Where I belong”, “Be with you”, “Blessings” and “Morena”.

While the exact release date remains a mystery, Bongz has assured his fans that the EP will drop soon, heightening anticipation within the music community.

His departure from Black Motion, a group that played a significant role in shaping South African house music, was a bold move and it appears to be paying off.

His solo projects have already garnered attention and praise, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

The announcement of “Morda Cr4zy” comes at a time when South African artists are setting the bar high, delivering groundbreaking music and pushing creative boundaries.

The vibrant and competitive atmosphere is evident, with each artist striving to outdo the other. Of course, fans are not complaining.