Mzansi reacts to Burna Boy’s FNB Stadium show postponement

Burna Boy. Picture: File.

Burna Boy. Picture: File.

Published Sep 20, 2023


South Africans may be rooted in ubuntu, but they don’t forget.

Nigerian artist Burna Boy had to postpone his show a few days before it was supposed to take place at FNB Stadium, Johannesburg.

It is speculated that the show was postponed due to the low ticket sales. According to the self-proclaimed African Giant, only 60% of the tickets were sold, which is low for an artist of his calibre.

While he may be an international artist, bringing him on a Heritage weekend, which is obviously jam-packed with all sorts of events, was an invitation for disaster.

South Africans love their culture and there was no way they would miss out on enjoying a long weekend with their loved ones for Burna Boy, especially not after he disrespected the South African government.

And yes, South Africans may have forgiven him for that incident but they haven’t forgotten that Burna Boy once vowed to never set foot in South Africa.

It’s evident from public reaction that the reason many people didn't buy tickets for his show because they wanted to teach him a lesson.

“Burna Boy postponing his show doesn’t sit well with me, I wanted him to perform in an empty stadium,” commented @PfareloMulondo.

He added: “Can’t piss on South Africans then think we’ll support your sh***, spreading lies then go as far as saying you won’t put your foot in SA ever again?

“I don’t know how our government even allowed him to come back because now the whole continent calls us Xenophobes.”

Others had to remind him that he’s nothing like Cassper Nyovest, known for filling up stadiums in South Africa.

“I will always respect Cassper Nyovest for filling up FNB Stadium, he’s the only guy who did it,” commented @_ShaunKeyz.

Nyovest really deserves all the glory for filling up FNB Stadium. Hosting 68 000 is no joke. Many have tried but failed, including American rapper, DaBaby.

It takes a lot of work to put together a show at the stadium and the fact that he’s done it at several stadiums makes him the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

Burna Boy responded to people making fun of him by reminding them that he was in South Africa last year and would soon be back.

“I was in SA last year, and I had 100 thousand of the most beautiful South Africans outside for me, so no dead agenda can agend. I will see you again real soon, South Africa. I love you,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

It is reported that the upcoming Burna Boy show is likely to take place on December 16. However, it remains to be seen if he will get the support needed.

Nonetheless, we wish Burna Boy and his team a successful show. Below are more reactions from South Africans following the announcement that his FNB Stadium show had been postponed.

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