Mzanzi reacts to video of Cyan Boujee motivating children at school

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram/@cyan.boujee24

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram/@cyan.boujee24

Published Feb 15, 2024


The queen of controversy, Cyan Boujee, is back at it again, stirring up a storm that even Mother Nature would envy.

From assault allegations to a sugar daddy saga that ended in the Grim Reaper’s embrace, and let’s not forget the sex tape drama, Boujee has become a hot topic in town.

She’s been squeezing every drop out of her sex tape scandal, leaving the public both scandalised and intrigued.

However, Boujee recently returned to the limelight when a video of her attempting to inspire the younger generation went viral.

While some might see it as a noble act, the savagery of X users suggests otherwise.

The internet is buzzing with criticism, and Mzansi is not holding back.

In an unexpected turn of events, this social media sensation’s motivational speech at an unknown school made its grand entrance into the online sphere, thanks to the news and gossip column MDNews.

@MDNnewss captioned the post: “Cyan Boujee motivating kids”, and one must note, it looks like sis is going deep with that speech.

@ItsDaRealJay wrote: “Department of Education needs to step in.”

@afrika_angel also wrote: “May be she is advising them not to be like her, who knows? Since we can’t hear what she is saying.”

@bchinyakata commented on her attire: “Dressed like that?”

@krugersville also commented: “I’m sure she’s telling me they mustn’t be shamed for Mavuso, bbl and getting the money illegally.”

@kgotsohopelekau wrote: “It’s giving coming straight from the club at 5am to the school 🤦🏽‍♂️”

— Kgotso Hope Lekau (@kgotsohopelekau) February 15, 2024

@KumaloMajo commented: “So they don’t see anything wrong with this vele? Not a single person thought nah man, let’s get someone else 😭.”

As we say in Mzansi, “you know where the danger is”.

Whether you love her, hate her or simply can’t look away, one thing's for sure – Boujee knows how to grab headlines.