New dating reality show tests contestants love language, literally and figuratively

The male ‘Love & Translation’ contestants. Picture: Supplied.

The male ‘Love & Translation’ contestants. Picture: Supplied.

Published Feb 2, 2024


The quest to find love can often take an unusual path.

With this in mind, a new reality television show promises viewers a roller-coaster of emotions as they portray genuine connections, which will unfold in unconventional relationships.

“Love & Translation” is set to debut in Africa on the most romantic day of the year - Valentine’s Day.

“This groundbreaking series explores how connections can be formed without a shared language, challenging the traditional notions of love,” the channel explained.

The series is set to follow three American bachelors - Kahlil (24), Tripp (30), and Dylan (21) - as they try to find love in paradise.

But there is a twist: the guys will be accompanied by twelve women from nine different countries - and none of these bachelorettes speak English.

The female ‘Love & Translation’ contestants. Picture: Supplied.

And without the use of a translator, this series will explore how singles looking for love come together in an attempt to find a connection as they spend time together to get to know one another.

“‘Love & Translation’ offers a glimpse into raw, genuine moments as participants engage in unconventional activities such as uninterrupted eye gazing, pheromone attraction tests, and adrenaline-pumping group date experiences,” TLC said.

President of Discovery Networks and TLC, Howard Lee, added: “As a leader in love and relationship series, we wanted to break outside the mould of our day-to-day and experiment in a new type of setting.

“Love & Translation will bring that roller coaster of emotions our audience loves when genuine connections in unconventional relationships spark.”

In addition, the reality dating show will also include the participants undergoing several challenges.

This will include utilising their five senses such as uninterrupted eye gazing and pheromone attraction tests, as well as adrenaline-pumping group date activities.

These will all come together in an attempt to learn more about each other but without the gift of language.

“And if the singles aren’t feeling that loving feeling with anyone, they can pack up their bags and look for love elsewhere,” TLC said.

“‘Love & Translation’ aims to discover what it takes to make a love connection and transcend language barriers.

∎“Love & Translation” premières on TLC Africa (DSTV Channel 135) on Wednesday, February 14, at 8pm .