Nota Baloyi sings MaWhoo's praises

Amapiano singer, MaWhoo. Picture: Instagram

Amapiano singer, MaWhoo. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 8, 2024


Amapiano singer MaWhoo is currently the talk of social media after her recent interview on the “L-Tido” podcast.

MaWhoo, who has worked with the likes of award-winning music producers, DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small, took to the platform to delve into her career, and spilled the beans on her person life too.

During the recent interview she casually mentioned that multi-award-winning America rappers, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, slid into her DMs. She also confirmed that she was in a relationship with Hlubi Nkosi (reality TV star and singer Londie London’s ex) but is currently single.

She also spoke about the amount of money the men she dated spent on her. She said a man once gave her R300K to purchase a car. And other spoilt her with half a million.

Since the explosive episode aired, MaWhoo has been topping trends list, and controversial X troll, Nota Baloyi, weighed in on the conversation.

He posted: “Amapiano didn’t just make our American wannabe rappers irrelevant it crashed the wave of American wannabe singers.

“One thing you can’t say about Mawhoo is that she isn’t authentic, she’s true to herself & loved by millions like me who don’t believe English makes one intelligent!”

He added: “When Drake DM’s you, celebrate. When Lil Wayne DM’s you want to pretend that pretty girls don’t have men applying pressure.

“There are simps out there that have to throw money at women but they never last long. No serious businessman is spending R500k on a girl, only a real loser!”

Despite the many things discussed on the podcast, social media users are stuck on the fact that MaWhoo said Lil Wayne DMd her.

@SimsAnAngel wrote: “So king do you think Drake and Lil Wayne really slid in her DM’s…phela naye lo yi battery, she may have been catfished and akabonanga 😅.”

@IM_NYA_JOE said: “Lil wayne has mentioned that he is always high and he doesn't know how to use social media. They assist him to go live, etc his social media manager probably dmed that stoko.”

@against_biased wrote: “You seriously believe the claim?”