Ntsiki Mazwai blames politics for losing out on gigs

Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: Instagram

Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 17, 2023


Controversial activist and poet Ntsiki Mazwai took to social media to speak up about the “abuse” she faces due to her belief system and the way her brand is aligned.

In a three part video Mazwai posted on X, she revealed that she was approached to do gig for a 16 Days of Activism campaign but was denied the job because of certain things she said about government in the past.

“Those of you who know the Ntsiki Mazwai brand, you know that I use my voice, my platform for violence against women and sexual assault and any abuse against women.

“I’ve consistently, all my career, been the same person, and pushed the same message.”

She added that even when she stripped naked for a rape campaign in her younger days, it should have been clear to the nation that she was someone different, who is willing to do anything to stand up for the voice of women.

“I have been consistently bashed over the years and my career because I’m outspoken, I’m opinionated and I just don’t know when to shut up.”

She said she has received a lot of backlash because her words impact society.

“It’s led to a lot of abuse, me being abused and verbally abuse and people doing as they please with my brand... I was excited for this gig, it made sense for me... i don’t sell fake lifestyles.”

She went on to share that she was denied the job because the government flagged that she was a problem as she has “sworn” at senior leaders.

“This is defamatory for me because I’ve never done such in my life. I’m a very dignified and sophisticated woman who comes from a good family background and I’ve been brought up well.

“I don’t swear at adults, especially not about their under things. I am extremely offended,” said Mazwai.

She said, to add insult to injury, they were taking away her “food”.

“The irony is this gig was a violence against women gig, and you are being violent against me.”

Mazwai has since filed a complaint with the public protector.

Watch full video.

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