Once bitten, twice shy, Prince Kaybee says: ‘Don’t send nudes’

Prince Kaybee. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Prince Kaybee. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jan 23, 2024


In a tweet that was both hilarious and thought-provoking, Prince Kaybee shared some insights into the do’s and don'ts of the music industry.

The exchange unfolded when a curious fan, @_Mhlekazi, directed a question to the muso, asking, "@PrinceKaybee_SA advice on do's and don'ts in the music industry?"

His response not only had fans laughing out loud but also shed light on a mistake he had made in the past, propelling him to the top of the trends list.

He advised fans to avoid sending private photos, commonly referred to as nudes.

The humour in his response gained context considering previous controversies surrounding Prince Kaybee.

Earlier, he faced accusations of allegedly possessing a "secret stash" of sex tapes, featuring his romantic encounters with women. The revelation came from Cyan Boujee during an episode of L-Tido's podcast.

According to Boujee, Prince Kaybee was implicated as the mastermind behind a leaked sex tape. In August, she opened up about it an interview with MacG and Sol on their podcast.

The incident, coupled with Prince Kaybee's recent tweet, adds a layer of irony to his advice, making the interaction both entertaining and reflective of his personal experiences within the music industry.

Twitter users generally reacted to his advice light-heartedly

@Thato_Pru jokingly commented: “😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣please send me I’ll keep it a secret.🫢”

@Thekelo_also wrote: “🤣🤣🤣The naked truth 👌🏾”

@AUGUSTINO_SA shared an image with the caption: “It's very late🤣.”