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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Oti Mabuse addresses body shaming comments

Oti Mabuse. Picture: Instagram

Oti Mabuse. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 27, 2023


World dance champ and media personality Oti Mabuse is not only celebrating her pregnancy, but also advocating for body positivity while challenging societal standards that often lead to body shaming.

The South African-born UK-based star recently announced her pregnancy with her husband, Marius Lepure, and has been showcasing her growing baby bump on her Instagram account.

In a recent post, Mabuse addressed the issue of people who feel the need to police women’s bodies.

She expressed frustration with comments like “your boobs are big”, “your bum is big” or “your stomach is not flat”.

Mabuse responded to these comments by acknowledging the “obvious” and asserting that her body was changing because it was preparing to nurture and care for her baby.

“It’s people usually over 30 years old stating the obvious ‘your boobs are big’ 🙄 yes they’re boobs and they will feed my baby.

“‘Your bum is big, yes it’s a bum. Your stomach is not flat, yes there’s a human being inside there’ and you also having to say ‘yes! We all come in different shapes and sizes and I love the way my body is preparing to home my baby’”.

In her post, Mabuse also took the opportunity to encourage body positivity and self-acceptance, reminding everyone that bodies come in different shapes and sizes.

“If you find yourself making a comment about anyone’s body part (pregnant or not) remind yourself that the whole world doesn’t JUST look like your household, your community or what you’ve seen…

“The WHOLE WORLD 🌍 is filled with different women simply trying to get out of bed carry on with their day instead of vomiting in the toilet and crying with a McFlurry AND FRIES in their hands… to women who might have not embraced those gorgeous curves yet!


In response to Mabuse’s post, friends and fans shared their messages of love.

Minnie Dlamini wrote: “Your body is banging 🔥.”

Dawn Jefferson commented: “Stunning. I’m 24 weeks and people always comment on my body my bump and make comments when I’m eating.

“Not something you want when pregnant and emotional. I’m proud of my body and so glad I finally have my baby growing in me. Love what you have wrote 😍.”

Catherine Louise said: “Well said. our bodies are incredible ❤️ the feeling that you are home to a brand new little person is the best ever.

“I’ve always and continue to feel far too big in a social media and media-filled world where everyone takes up less space than me.

“It’s a hard journey for me to love and embrace myself. Posts like yours help and so would a more diverse representation of the range of beautiful people who live in our world ❤️❤️.”

Lauren Ward wrote: “YES!!!!!!! Say it louder for people in the back😍😍go queen!!”

Ayanda Dube added: “Couldn’t have said it any better 👏.”

Mabuse’s message is one of self-love and self-acceptance. A reminder to all women, especially those who may be struggling to embrace their changing bodies, that their bodies are perfect just the way they are.