Pearl Thusi is ‘petrified’ of going under the knife

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 4, 2024


Actress and DJ Pearl Thusi is no stranger to keeping her body healthy and happy.

Over the years, the “Queen Sono” actress has changed in her body shape but she says that being skinny is the best.

She recently took to her Instagram Stories to let her fans and followers know that she was on a cleanse (detox).

The DJ also shared that because she was getting older, she wanted to take more care of her body.

“I am back on my cleanse. I am going to be going to the July Durban stuff mid-cleanse, which is powerful, I am actually quite excited.

“I’ve stopped a whole bunch of other nonsense in the interim. I am having a very serious conversation with God, I am having a very serious over-haul in terms of my body maintenance because we (heading) towards aging and me, I am fighting the good fight.

Thusi, who weighs 64 kg, promised to keep her followers updated on her progress.

Thusi also confessed that nothing made her happier than having a flat stomach.

“I’ve been a lot of things in this world, I can tell you know that none of them is better than being skinny. I’ve been thick, my tummy has been weird, I’ve had a big booty but I am never as happy as when I have a flat stomach...

“Like mentally, I just know that my body is under my control.

“Junk food is nice, but it is not as nice as being skinny, I can tell you that for free. I love being skinny”

“Let me just say, before I get accused of body shaming, I loved being think, I loved the bum... but I could never get the tummy/bum ratio to work out for me, and I was not willing to do surgery, so I had to pick a struggle, and I chose having a stomach as my main priority.”

Thusi added that she would find other ways of getting her butt to the right size but going under the knife was not an option.

“The thought of going under the knife petrifies me. Until then it’s a flat stomach,” said the DJ.