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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Prince Kaybee apologises to a fan for sounding homophobic

Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram

Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 6, 2023


Award-winning musician Prince Kaybee landed himself in a bit of hot water when he asked X users a simple question that could have just been Googled.

Recently he wrote on X: “What is a DILF?” And he got many responses from his followers.

One in particular was from @hoesandtrills, who went all in on the social media platform saying: “That’s you 🤤 a daddy I’d like to f***!!”

According to Google a “DILF” is regarded as “an attractive older man, usually a dad, who is regarded as a sexual object”.

Kaybee was clearly overthinking the comment and now his response to @hoesandtrills has caused mixed reactions among his followers.

He tweeted back: “Sorry homie, I’d appreciate that from a woman. Hope this is not homophobic in any shape or form, if it is I am deeply sorry.”

X users were split by his response. Some seemed to think that the tweet was indeed “homophobic”, others said he just kept the peace so as to not be cancelled from the industry, and the rest “goated” Kaybee’s response.

@Mbalieh_D wrote bluntly: “homophobic AF.”

Among the various comments, @hoesandtrills replied to Kaybee saying that he was “respectful”.

“😝nah you’re fine daddy, not homophobic at all. You were very respectful actually.”

The conversation turned ugly when other users started pushing through nasty comments.

@carl_ru commen wrote: “For the sake of your public image that was the best goated response. But if it was face to face, dude deserved a clap😤.”

@NaLaurent said: “I don’t know, I just feel like saying such to a straight person is harassment…”

While @kagisosebudi said: “I am curious as to what are you sorry for? You don't have to respond but ke ipotsa hore ke eng eo ke sa e boneng where you have to apologize, instead who has the right to just make a comment ka someone on social media saying you want to smash.”