Reality series ‘Die Brug’ is not a race to finish a bridge but a race to earn trust

“Die Brug” contestants. Picture: Sam Marais Instagram

“Die Brug” contestants. Picture: Sam Marais Instagram

Published Nov 7, 2023


The first episode of “Die Brug’ debuted recently, promising to keep audiences engaged from the get-go.

This series centres on a group of contestants who join forces to construct a bridge leading to a grand prize waiting for them.

What truly distinguishes “Die Brug” is the deeply personal motivations that drive each contestant’s participation, resulting in a heartfelt journey that resonates with viewers.

This South African TV show connects you with the contestants’ individual stories while they collaborate towards a common goal. It’s a compelling blend of raw emotion spurred on by the challenging circumstances while surrounded by beauty, making it a must-watch.

The media was granted a peek into the lives of the contestants and the production team.

The contestants all come from different walks of life, from a yoga instructor to a mother who just wants to prove to her children that she can do it.

However, each of them shares a common thread, a story that holds the potential to transform heartfelt experiences into sources of hope.

Some contestants grapple with grief, while others view this competition as a chance to build something new, something brimming with hope.

The local adaptation of “Die Brug” was skilfully crafted by Red Pepper Pictures, known for hits such as “Big Brother South Africa” and “Lip Sync Battle Africa”.

The series was filmed in Swellendam in the Western Cape, where contestants come together to, literally, bridge the gap between their hopes and dreams and reality.

Frederick Louw, the series and creative director, said: “‘Die Brug’ might look like a reality TV show with a group of strangers on an island with R100 million on it. But it’s actually a story of trust. In the end , if they make it, strangers will vote for someone to fetch the prize alone.”

He added: “That person alone will decide, if and if they do, how they want to share the money.”

Viewers are excited for the next episode: “Wow – something different on South African television for a change! Might watch this,” one wrote.

Another said: “A must-watch.”

Who will make it to the end? And who can truly be trusted? The next episode airs on Thursday, November 9, at 8pm, exclusive to kykNET.