Rethabile Khumalo is back home after poisoning saga: ‘Thank you for your prayers’

South African singer Rethabile Khumalo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

South African singer Rethabile Khumalo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jul 4, 2024


South African singer Rethabile Khumalo is back home and glowing after undergoing three surgeries during a critical stay in the hospital.

The talented artist faced a life-threatening situation after allegedly being poisoned by a “friend”.

The alarming news was shared by her mother, Winnie Khumalo, on Instagram last week.

Winnie, herself a respected figure in the music industry, revealed the gravity of the situation to Rethabile’s fans and supporters.

“So I thought I will keep quiet until my daughter is ok ... she is fighting for her life .. She was poisoned by a so called friend,” Winnie wrote.

“It has been six days now in hospital…So I decided its only fair to share with her supporters these sad news…They did 3 operations on her already we hoping that @rethabile_rsa will soon recover but at the moment akukho kuhle ….

“She has been On and off … When you pray please include her in your prayers….Ubunzima bokuba umzali.”

The news shocked the entertainment community with fans, fellow artists, and well-wishers pouring out their support and prayers for Rethabile’s recovery.

The heartfelt messages and unwavering support showcased the immense love and admiration people have for the young star.

On July 3, a relieved and grateful Winnie took to Instagram again to announce that her daughter had finally returned home.

The post was filled with gratitude and appreciation for the support and prayers that had been sent their way.

“Thank you for your prayers, love and support @rethabile_rsa is back home,” Winnie wrote.

@princessLopie took to X: “The Rethabile Khumalo story should serve as a wake-up call for many of us. Not everyone you consider a friend is genuinely happy for you. Not everyone needs to be your friend.

“We live among people who are silently competing with us, and that is truly sad. The saying ‘keep your enemies closer’ doesn't work for me. I would rather be alone than live among wolves.”