Rethabile Khumalo is back in hospital days after being discharged

Published Jul 10, 2024


South African singer Rethabile Khumalo has returned to the hospital just days after being discharged. The news was shared by her mother, Winnie Khumalo, who took to social media to seek prayers for her daughter's recovery.

The talented artist had faced a life-threatening situation after allegedly being poisoned by a friend.

On June 28, Winnie Khumalo took to Instagram to post: “So I thought I will keep quiet until my daughter is ok... She is fighting for her life. She was poisoned by a so-called friend.”

She added that Rethabile has been hospitalised for six days, undergoing three operations in an attempt to stabilise her condition.

The distressing news was initially shared discreetly but Winnie decided it was only fair to inform Rethabile's supporters about the singer’s health battle.

“When you pray, please include her in your prayers... Ubunzima bokuba umzali,” she pleaded.

On July 4, another Instagram post announced that Rethabile had returned home and was recovering after her critical stay in the hospital.

However, hopes of a full recovery were dashed when her health deteriorated, leading to her return to hospital.

In a heartbreaking update, Winnie wrote: “I have no words.”

The post was met with an outpouring of empathy and prayers from followers and fans, all hoping for Rethabile's swift recovery.