‘Shaka Ilembe’ actor Mondli Makhoba to host ‘Vuka Mjita’, a show offering men emotional healing

Mondli Makhoba. Picture: Supplied

Mondli Makhoba. Picture: Supplied

Published May 24, 2024


Men are generally said to be less emotional than women but the tables will turn in Mzansi Wethu’s new show, “Vuka Mjita”.

The show, which premières on July 14, takes men on a therapeutic journey that breaks their walls and helps them unlock the doors to the side of healing.

It offers them a safe space to be unashamedly honest and vulnerable.

Hosted by “Shaka Ilembe” actor and TV presenter, Mondli Makhoba, also known as Bhut’Omdala, “Vuka Mjita” will assist them in modern-day society.

A statement from the channel read: “The process will assist them reflect on the men they are becoming and what role they are playing in their families and in society.”

Director of Local Entertainment Channels Shirley Adonisi shared that the show is aimed at “empowering” men.

“We are looking at it as giving a platform to help understand, nurturing and try to heal the mental state of our brothers and sons where it’s needed.

“Our Mzansi brand is all about entertainment that resonates with our audience and we hope that ‘Vuka Mjita’ will be more than just that but will also be a show where men can be vulnerable and talk openly and honestly,” Adonisi said.

Each week a therapist will look at a different man who requires treatment or therapy to deal with a situation they are facing, thanks to a therapy plan created by clinical psychologist and author, Thabang Tlaka.

Being an authority in the area, the steps he guides each candidate through enable them to face their anxieties, speak up, and tear down barriers.

Makhoba said, “Kuwumsebenzi wethu (It is our job) to find out why we exist, for there is a bigger purpose.”

∎ “Vuka Mjita” will air on Mzansi Wethu (DStv channel 163) from Sunday, July 14, at 8pm.