Shakira honoured with striking statue in Colombia

Shakira has been honoured with a statue in her home country.

Shakira has been honoured with a statue in her home country.

Published Jan 2, 2024


Shakira has just got herself a shiny new statue in her home town of Barranquilla in Colombia.

The 46-year-old Grammy shared the news on Instagram recently, and we’re all here for it.

So, get this – Yino Márques, the artist extraordinaire, worked his magic to create a bronze masterpiece that perfectly captures Shakira’s legendary “Hips Don’t Lie” dance move from her 2005 music video.

Yep, that hip-swivelling magic is now forever etched in bronze.

Barranquilla, where it all began for Shakira, is now proudly showing off this epic statue. It’s like a love letter to the city that saw her rise to fame. Fans are flocking to check it out, soaking in the vibes of the singer’s dynamic stage presence frozen in time.

She excitedly expressed:

“1. It makes me happy to share this with my parents and especially my mother on her birthday. ❤️ ❤️

2. ✨

3. My parents, the mayor and I back there watching!

4. Oh and this dedication. This is too much for my little heart.

5. My fathers and my brothers with our mayor.“

Additionally, the hips don’t lie singer shared a snap of her parents and brothers with the mayor of Barranquilla. Clearly this means serious business.

@zalvatore7 wrote: “Wow!!! How exciting to be recognised in your land like this, great and simple woman. I would pay to see the other’s face watching this, hahahah.”

“Wow!!!! It’s beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ it totally looks like you! Your parents must be so proud!! 😘,” @verenamusic commented.

@sergthebuilder also wrote: “That's amazing and well deserved, Shakira, because not only are you an incredibly talented artist, but you are a beautiful human being who has not forgotten her people and continue to do so much for them.”