Shaun Stylist on his journey after recently dropping his new single, ‘Manje Monday’

Shaun Stylist. Picture: Supplied

Shaun Stylist. Picture: Supplied

Published May 23, 2024


THE ever-cheerful Shaun Stylist, real name Shaun Naki, has just released his new single “Manje Monday”.

This vibrant song, a collaboration with the talented Nandipha808, RIVALZ, LeeMckrazy, and Tumilemang, showcases his musical prowess like never before.

The DJ said the song is a celebration of togetherness and festivity, particularly spotlighting the tradition of Mogodu Monday.

“I always give credit where it is due. ‘Manje Monday’ was inspired by my Monday visits to Makubenjalo Pub and Grill in Soweto. The MC there, Tumilemang, always hyped the crowd by chanting ‘Monday’.

“By that, an idea came to mind that this must be made into a song and I then developed the lyrics and called my brothers to jump on a beat and the rest is history,” he said.

“Every time I’m about to release a new song I go out to an event and listen to what the masses are saying and vibing to, and go back to the studio to create something that they will enjoy and grow with them,” he added.

Raised in Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg, his music journey began when he was a singing church hymns at Sunday school.

The dream to be a global star never left him. Twenty years later and now a doting dad and husband, he is reigniting the dreams of his younger self.

“Growing up I wanted to be a DJ but not mostly a club DJ but to be on the radio. The likes of DJ Khabzela, DJ Monde, and DJ Sbu made me fall in love with radio. With time, things changed and I fell in love with the club scene.

“Right after Covid-19 I saw that one cannot live with only one stream of income but it’s better to expand and I then decided to venture into the music industry,” he said.

Shaun Stylist. Picture: Supplied

Last year, Shaun Stylist scored a new music deal with Warner Music Africa.

“This collaboration needs to give a platform for new kids. That’s how we’re going to expand, that’s how we’re going to grow the amapiano genre.

“I aim to break records and dominate the charts. I want this moment to be an inspiration to anyone out there to dream big,” he said.

Last year, the reality TV star and his wife Anele were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Mason Alondweyinkosi Naki.

“Being a dad is life-changing. It calms me down. It humbles me and keeps me very much grounded.

“Bringing someone to this Earth was God's responsibility to me to say I’m going to give you a son that you need to raise with good morals to ensure that he is a living testimony on this Earth.

“And how I do that mostly starts with me, on how I carry and conduct myself. I have so much impact on him. Being a dad has changed my thinking and environment in a way that I no longer do things for myself but for my family,” he said.

The musician said he hopes and prays for his son to have his heart and not care much about what people think or say, but to take criticism in a good form.

“When people criticise you, they are not aware that they are giving you better ways of doing things differently from the way that you were doing.

“That is what I want him to know. I also want to shield him from being shy, but for him to go out there and do what he wants with the utmost respect and love,” he said.