Social media users roast Emtee for hating on Flash Ikumkani

Award-winning rapper, Emtee. Picture: Instagram

Award-winning rapper, Emtee. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 25, 2024


Just twenty-four days into the new year and Emtee is already topping the trends list on social media.

The award-winning rapper recently took to X to cuss at another artist’s hard work.

“Who gives a f**k?”, he said in response to a post which shared details about Flash Ikumkani’s upcoming new album.


Ikumkani previously featured on Emtee’s album “Logan”, but now the two artists don’t see eye to eye.

It is assumed that the beef started after Ikumkani was meant to sign with Emtee’s record label, Emtee Records, a few years ago but backed out.

Now Ikumkani is signed with Soldistro.

Despite the long standing beef, social media users roasted Emtee for not supporting his fellow “brother”.

@MthintiSan2002 commented: “But honestly speaking this is wrong. Stop hating bro people will say you hate flash just because he's doing better without you just leave a ni**a alone and do your own thing we are waiting for DIY3.”

@BulelaniPonoyi said: “You straight up being a hater now!”

— iam What iam 🇿🇦 (@BulelaniPonoyi) January 24, 2024

@tlholotsoagong commented: “Nah bro you were once an upcoming artist Cuh be nice my dawg.”

Meanwhile, the artist’s new album, “Isibane Selali”, comprises 12 tracks and features artists like Driemanskap, BhutLegend, Farmboy, Touchline and Bravo Le Roux. It is currently available for pre-order.

Taking to Instagram, Ikumkani shared the album cover and wrote in the caption, “Thanks to all the people I worked with on this album. You have made me a person to people, may God protect me from wherever you take me.”