The music keeps flowing as Prime Circle prepare to release their new album

Prime Circle band members, Gavin Edwards, Neil Breytenbach, Dale Schnettler, Dirk Bisschoff and Marco Gomes. Picture: Daniel Craig Johnson.

Prime Circle band members, Gavin Edwards, Neil Breytenbach, Dale Schnettler, Dirk Bisschoff and Marco Gomes. Picture: Daniel Craig Johnson.

Published May 28, 2024


Prime Circle’s new lead singer Gavin Edwards, has integrated so well into the group that they have now decided to release a full album instead of an EP.

This will be the award-winning rock band’s first album in almost seven years, since the release of “If You Don't You Never Will.”

The group’s founding member and bass player Marco Gomes, explained that their upcoming album “The World We Know”, which is expected to be released at the end of July, will feature their signature sound and style.

“We stuck to the sound that our fans fell in love with,” he recently told Independent Media Lifestyle.

“We got into the studio with the intention of releasing an EP but because we haven’t released any new music since 2017 (at that point), the music was just flowing, so it made more sense to do a full album.”

Gomes shares the band with Edwards - who earlier this year replaced Ross Learmonth, who left the group late last year due to creative differences - as well as guitarist Dirk Bisschoff, Neil Breytenbach on the keyboard and drummer Dale Schnettler.

Prime Circle’s new lead singer Gavin Edwards, File image.

He explained that it has been a joy to work with Edwards, who was the “The Voice SA” season 1 runner-up and was also previously signed by Westlife band member Brian McFadden’s record label.

“Gavin has been great to work with. He is passionate, dedicated and driven and his positive outlook has spilled over into Prime Circle.”

The renowned group released the single, “Better Days,” in March, which was their first track to feature Edwards and the first release from their upcoming album.

This was their first offering since 2019 and Gomes is excited about their upcoming album.

“We feel like we are 17 years old again... We're working on new elements that's going to blow people away,” he said in a previous statement.

Meanwhile, the rock band has embarked on a nationwide "The World We Know" tour since last month.

They also made a stop to perform in Dubai this weekend and are set to visit Lesotho in August as the final stop on their tour.

“The message behind ‘The World We Know’ tour is exactly that - this is what we know and have known for over 24 years,” Gomes said.

“Music and touring are a very big part of us and who we are as people.”

Gomes said that they love meeting their fans around the country and that they enjoy performing in different places.

“We love touring in small towns, they are so grateful to get entertainment coming through.”

“It’s like the circus is in town,” he laughed. “But to be honest, South Africa as a whole is great to tour.”

Prime Circle have amassed legions of fans since they first broke into the scene back almost two and a half decades ago.

Their debut album, "Hello Crazy World" was released in July 2002 and has been a riveting success with the first single, "Hello", topping the national charts for 28 weeks.

During their stellar 23-year career, the iconic rock group went on to release six more albums, with many of them achieving either gold or platinum status in South Africa.

Meanwhile, their chart-topping songs like “She Always Gets What She Wants,” “Breathing” and “Pretty Like The Sun” have made them a household name and have cemented their status in the industry with scores of sold-out tours.

The rock band have garnered numerous accolades, including multiple South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

Their success also extends beyond South Africa as Prime Circle has strategically expanded its influence into international markets.

In recent years, the band have made substantial strides in the UK and other parts of Europe, with their numerous gigs, radio plays and headline performances at major rock festivals.

“Looking back from the beginning to where we are now, it’s been a great ride,” Gomes said.

He also feels blessed to have made a career from his passion for music and to experience new things through his craft.

“There’s no better feeling than getting to see the world because of music.”

When asked what his career highlight has been so far, Gomes said: “For me, it’s been being able to travel and perform to all these faces from different nationalities, countries and ages because of music.”

“Music has definitely fuelled a lot in us, but the journey isn’t over. We still have a lot of faces to rock.”

On what Prime Circle fans can expect in the coming months, he added: “Our next big focus is introducing ‘The World We Know’ full album to the world, no pun intended.”