The ‘The Ultimate Girls Trip - South Africa’ cast bond over paint night but it doesn’t last long

Liz Prins decided to a host a paint evening. Picture: Screenshot

Liz Prins decided to a host a paint evening. Picture: Screenshot

Published Jul 5, 2024


In the latest episode of "The Ultimate Girls Trip - South Africa", the ladies kick things off on a lighter note. Prins plans a paint night, giving everyone a chance to let go of the drama that's been hanging over them.

Surprisingly, it works!

The current cast includes Beverley Steyn, Christall Kay, Nonkanyiso "LaConco" Conco Lethabo “Lejoy” Mathatho, Liz Prins, Nonkue Williams, Mel Viljoen and Londie London.

Kay, who had been on the outs, starts to warm up to the group again.

After some heartfelt conversations, Steyn offers an apology to Kay, leading to a sweet "kumbaya" moment. But the question remains: how long will this peace last?

Prins, clearly still riding high from some top-notch kush, introduces a "beautiful chocolate man" for the ladies to draw or paint.

As soon as this hunk enters their line of sight, the mood shifts. LaC immediately points out the obvious spike in "horniness" among the ladies, which is hard to miss.

There is method to Prins' madness; she was hoping the model would lose his undies at some point. Haibo!

Meanwhile, Williams seizes the opportunity to be the centre of attention again, attempting to "snatch" Prins' model, despite the man showing no signs of interest.

Back at the villa, the girls enjoy a picnic where Lethabo suggests a shady game to extract information from LaC. Picture: Screenshot

It seems these ladies haven't seen a hot guy in ages! The night wraps up with LaC winning the paint contest, and remarkably, the evening goes off without a hitch.

Who knew a paint night could bring so much fun and unexpected harmony? Or was it the half naked man that brought the harmony?

But the question on everyone’s mind is: where is Londie London? The mystery remains as she’s still MIA.

The blondies, Viljoen, Kay and Steyn, decide to have a solo moment with a photoshoot by the poolside. However, Kay can’t resist stirring the pot and reminds everyone that Lethabo owes her an apology.

Viljoen sides with her bestie Kay, insisting on basic respect and humanity. Steyn, though, isn't buying into the drama. The trio then bond over their tattoos, with Viljoen revealing hers is on her "pie," a detail Steyn finds rather "sies."

Meanwhile, Lejoy, Prins, and Williams head out to the markets. They feel that LaC is too secretive about her personal life. Williams confesses that she’s never gotten along with LaC, calling her judgmental and a "weirdo".

Yet, she admits they're on better terms now, though she doubts LaC’s claim of not having sex.

Back at the villa, the girls enjoy a picnic where Lejoy suggests a shady game to extract information from LaC. But Williams and LaC are quick to call it bullsh*t, reminding everyone that they’ve been down this road before.

Williams then stirs the pot further by questioning Viljoen whether her husband Peet Viljoen dictates her wardrobe choices, hinting she doesn't show enough skin.

The conversation circles back to Viljoen’s tattoo of her husband's name on her lower region, with Williams seemingly hating on her marriage and relationship.

Some of the ladies are little obsessed with the way LaC aka “farm girl” and Viljoen choose to live their lives - especially when it comes to their romantic relationships and their choice to cover up themselves more than the rest when it comes to clothing and style choices.

But we’ll have to wait till next week to see how that ends up.

Fans of the show took to X their opinions on this weeks “circus”.

@debora_mkhabo wrote: “I'm here for LaC's diaries 🤣🤣🤣..I'm dead.. Also why is Christal an enemy of peace? These ladies need to be pulling their hairs off each others heads always and have a divide.”

@paballo_patsa wrote: “The way that Nonku is so thirsty, it's honestly embarrassing. It's so difficult to watch. Her thirstiness will not age well at all.”

— Raised in Africa💫 (@paballo_patsa) July 1, 2024

@TumiGabuza: “At this point, I'm so embarrassed to a point where I just cringe. Nonku, didn't you say you have a boyfriend back home, and your children watch this yho 🤔🙄”

@Kgethoentle2 also wrote: “Those questions were for LaC shame.👀 These girls do so much and have so many experiences that they feel like LaC is not saying much. They are basically just projecting!! She is a woman of high calibre!!! Her name is LaC.”