TikTokker Lucy van Schalkwyk on adding her voice to the ‘Queen Modjadji’ 'Sounds of Khelovedu’ campaign

TikTokker Lucy van Schalkwyk. Picture: Supplied.

TikTokker Lucy van Schalkwyk. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jun 27, 2024


AHEAD of the premiere of the highly anticipated local drama series, “Queen Modjadji” in July, Mzansi Magic has launched the “Sounds of Khelovedu” social media campaign.

The initiative is aimed at celebrating the rich cultural heritage of one of Africa’s most legendary figures, Queen Modjadji, who was also known as the Rain Queen and is the hereditary ruling monarch of the Balobedu people in Limpopo.

This project also seeks to celebrate those of the Valovedu origin, who had contact with VhaVenda and the North Eastern Sotho people.

As part of the TikTok campaign, the channel has collaborated with various content creators such as Lucy van Schalkwyk, Thato Malebati, Gogo & Mo and Keletjo Phoshoko to educate and inspire viewers about the rich history, language and culture of the Valovedu community.

It also aims to foster a deeper appreciation for Africa’s diverse heritage.

Van Schalkwyk, who goes by @lucywamulobedumutsong on TikTok, is thrilled to be part of the initiative.

“I decided to be part of the ‘Sounds of Khelovedu’ campaign because it offers a unique opportunity to celebrate and share the rich cultural heritage of the Valovedu people and Queen Modjadji,” she explained to Independent Media Lifestyle.

“Being able to contribute to a project that highlights the beauty of the Khelovedu language and traditions is incredibly fulfilling and it's an honour to be involved in a campaign that not only entertains, but educates and preserves important cultural narratives.”

She added that she wants to “inspire all South Africans to recognise that we are one, even with our diverse cultures and to learn about the beautiful cultures within our country”.

The renowned content creator also believes that the “Sounds of Khelovedu” bridges the gap between entertainment and cultural education.

TikTokker Lucy van Schalkwyk. Picture: Supplied.

“It brings to light the often-overlooked stories and traditions, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation among a broader audience,” she said.

“The campaign ensures that this rich heritage is passed down and celebrated by future generations. It also serves as a reminder that despite our diverse backgrounds, all South Africans can unite through an appreciation of our collective cultural wealth.”

As Van Schalkwyk has garnered an impressive TikTok following for her content in which she speaks multiple South African languages, she believes that it has been resonating with South Africa and beyond because “it reflects a genuine appreciation and curiosity for the diverse cultural tapestry of our country”.

“By showcasing this diversity in my content, I create a relatable and inclusive space where viewers from various backgrounds feel represented and connected.”

“Additionally, my effort to learn and share different cultural narratives fosters a sense of unity and mutual respect among South Africans, which is something viewers appreciate and support.”

The content creator explained that she was inspired to start making this kind of content out of a passion for storytelling.

She also has a desire to share cultural narratives that are close to her heart.

“The stories of Queen Modjadji and the Valovedu people are rich with history and meaning, and I felt a deep calling to bring these stories to a modern audience in an engaging and accessible way.”

With such positive reactions to her TikTok videos, van Schalkwyk said that it is heart-warming to see how viewers connect with the content and appreciate the cultural stories being shared.

“The engagement and support from the community motivate me to continue creating and sharing more meaningful content.”

She also hopes that her online content has a lasting impact on those who watch her TikTok videos as she aims to create videos that are entertaining, educational and culturally significant.

“I want my content to foster a sense of unity and mutual respect among all South Africans,” she explained.

“Additionally, I aim to bring love and laughter into people’s lives through my videos, showing that our cultural diversity is something to be celebrated with joy and pride.”

With “Queen Modjadji” set to make its debut on Mzanzi Magic on July 14, Van Schalkwyk believes it is a “monumental moment that brings the rich cultural history of the Valovedu people to a wider audience”.

“I look forward to seeing how viewers will react to the series and how it will spark conversations and interest in Khelovedu culture.”

The local production is set to star a range of top South African talents, including “Scandal!” actress Makoma Mohale, who will take the lead in the much-anticipated show as Maselekwani (Queen Modjadji).

Meanwhile, Ngelekanyo Ramulodi will portray the young “Queen Modjadji”, with the rest of the cast set to feature the likes of Masutang Rasekele and Helen Lebepe.

Miss SA 2020, Shudufhadzo Musida, will play Muthanoni Mulalo, one of the king’s wives from the VhaVenda royal family and Miss SA 2022, Ndavi Nokeri, has been cast as Muthanoni Khensani, one of the king’s wives from the VaTsonga royal family.

* Watch “Queen Modjadji” from July 14, on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).