Top 10 new music releases to add to your playlist

Dope Saint Jude. Picture: Supplied.

Dope Saint Jude. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jul 17, 2023


South Africa’s music industry is brimming with talent, and it seems like every day, there’s a new release that deserves attention.

From diverse genres like amapiano, gqom, hip-hop, and afro-pop, among others, the South African music scene offers a wide range of sounds and styles to suit every taste.

These artists are making waves with their fresh sounds and compelling lyrics, representing the best of what the country has to offer musically.

Here are a few new home-grown offerings that you should add to your playlist now.

Sho Madjozi & Tashinga - “Balotelli”, featuring Robot Boii, Sneakho, Matthew Otis and CTTBeats

“Balotelli” is a fantastic collaboration that brilliantly showcases the exceptional talents of the artists on the track.

This powerful and energetic anthem is proof of the power of musical synergy, bringing together a diverse group of musicians who create a cohesive and unforgettable sound.

With its infectious rhythms, empowering lyrics, and dynamic performances, “Balotelli” is a must-listen for everyone looking for an energising and exciting musical experience.

Matthew Mole - “See Me Again”

South African indie-folk star Matthew Mole dropped yet another smash hit titled “See Me Again”.

With “See Me Again”, Mole returns to the pop danceability and indie edge that remains his signature sound, with uplifting lyrics delivered amongst multi-layered harmonies and a driving beat. It’s the perfect track to push you towards the dance floor.

DJ Zinhle – “Thula”, featuring Cici

DJ Zinhle, one of South Africa's finest disc jockeys, has once again graced the music scene with her newest single, “Thula”, featuring the award-winning music singer Cici.

The song was released on July 7 and is a melodious journey that highlights the unique musical tastes and vocal ranges of both artists.

Njelic – “Umthandazo”, featuring Busi N, Mthunzi, Laud and Luu Nineleven

Famous DJ and producer Njelic is back on the scene with another song titled “Umthandazo”, which features contributions from Busi N, Mthunzi, Laud and Luu Nineleven.

When Njelic shows up on the scene, we all know it’s time to party.

Majozi - “I’ll Be There”

Majozi is at the top of his game this year, with three releases in six months.

“I’ll Be There” comes after the release of “Safe In The Sound” in March and “Honest” in April.

The musical offering features themes of hope and joy combined with an upbeat and bold production, resulting in an anthem to be listened to at maximum volume and sung at the top of your lungs.

Gigi LaMayne - ‘’Menzi Ngubane’’

‘’Menzi Ngubane’’ is a ground-breaking blend of hip hop, amapiano, and Afrobeat that encapsulates LaMayne's talent for merging genres and creating a sound that is unmistakably her own.

Gigi LaMayne. Picture: Supplied

Its infectious rhythm, compelling beats, and thought-provoking lyrics are sure to captivate listeners around the globe.

In "Menzi Ngubane“, she teams up with a star-studded line-up. including Robot Boii, Lady Du, MustBeDubz, and Ntosh Gazi, creating a sonic experience that transcends borders.

Reece Madlisa & Spikiri – “Kumnandi Ka Sash”, featuring Shavul and Six40

Following the release of his debut EP, “Kwaito Nama Medi”, now a solo artist, Reece Madlisa makes another return with a brand-new single with Kwaito veteran, Spikiri, titled “Kumnandi Ka Sash”.

The single was produced by two up-and-coming producers, Shavul and Six40.

The song “Kumnandi Ka Sash”, which roughly translates to “Life is good”, sees two musical worlds unite to create a fresh vibe for young people.

Bravo Le Roux – “Umntu”, featuring Sjava

SA Hip Hop star Bravo Le Roux returned to the scene with a new track titled, “Umntu”, featuring Sjava. The song is from his album “Igazi, Iinyembezi Nombilo”.

So far, it has been a fantastic year for the rapper. He has been counting blessings and hoping to add more to the list.

Weeks back, the rapper stated that his company, Bravo Le Roux (PTY) LTD, had secured a publishing contract deal with Sony Music Publishing Africa and a global distribution deal with The Orchard.

Dope Saint Jude - “Alphas”

This mischievous song showcases a cheeky attitude towards heteronormativity. It redefines what “alpha” means by playfully suggesting that an alpha is, in fact, someone who can support and grow with a strong partner.

The track celebrates equal partnerships and argues that true power is in the ability to rise up together.

Dope Saint Jude. Picture: Supplied.

The music video features an eclectic cast of the Cape Town artistic scene and bold, fierce members of the queer community.

Da Capo - “Bakone”

Multi-award-winning DJ, producer and Afro-House trailblazer Da Capo has pushed the boundaries with his latest dance EP titled “Bakone”.

Da Capo.

With a focus on the future of Afrotech, “Bakone” exudes power and is crafted for club enthusiasts.

The EP features carefully selected hidden gems from Da Capo's repertoire and includes collaborations with renowned artists such as Batundi, Nana Attah, Lokau Kanza, and Da Africa Deep.

This EP also marks the commencement of an extensive global tour, further solidifying his impact on the music industry across continents.