US rapper Meek Mill gets dragged for not knowing ‘how Africans listen to his music’

American rapper, Meek Mill. Picture: Instagram

American rapper, Meek Mill. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 22, 2024


Netizens from all corners of the world were irked by American rapper Robert Rihmeek William, professionally known as Meek Mill, after how South African and Nigerian fans listened to his music.

The American rapper took to X, to question how fans in these countries received his music, leading to the rapper being dragged for not knowing that his music was distributed worldwide through music streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

“Do a lot of people play my music in South Africa I remember having on big show their few years back … how do yall listen to our music in South Africa???? On what platform or in Nigeria?” he questioned.

The rapper’s post received over 16.8m views on X with some users offended by his question and others being amused.

X user, @MeshackBevhula, commented: “Youtube and other streaming platforms would have simply provided you with stats, but you just chose to disrespect us...”

@selina_m85, said: “The level of dumbness from you is insane yoh, im appalled 😩🚮🚮hayi please do better, do research. You still have time in this new year. You can't possibly be this old & stupid.”

Whilst another user, @STFUWARLO, commented: “We don’t have any music streaming services in Nigeria. We have this guy he’s the only one that has access to Spotify, he’s a town crier he comes every Friday to perform your songs for us.

“This is how we listen to your music. I hope this helps.”

According to the rapper, the question was prompted as he was conducting his own personal market research to find out which parts of Africa loved him the most.

“I was asking how they listen to music in Africa because I wanna handle my business none of my contracts say they have rights to distribute me in Africa … basically looking for the money trail? Idk what platforms used in South Africa lol,” said Mill.

X users still weren’t having it with some of them expressing their frustration and asking Mill to stop with the questions.

One user, @lexyy4real, responded: “Are you an illiterate? Why are you asking stupidd questions as if Africa is a cave? We’ve got all streaming platforms available in Africa, stop the fooling….”

While another, @Irunnia_, said: “Bro wrap it up. The more you try to explain, the more foolish you look. More than you already do on a normal day.”