Vusi Nova is the latest celebrity to bag a reality show

Vusi Nova. Picture: Instagram

Vusi Nova. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 6, 2024


This year has got off to a busy but successful start for award-winning artist Vusi Nova.

Not only has he announced that he will be dropping his latest music offering, “Full Circle”, on February 16 but he’s also the latest celebrity in Mzansi to get a reality show.

In the past we’ve seen celebrities like Boity, DJ Zinhle, Bonang Matheba, Shauwn Mkhize and Somizi Mhlongo open up their homes to viewers.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote, “🚨🚨🚨Can’t wait for you guys to check out my reality tv show ‘Vusi Nova UNPROVOKED’ 2nd March 2024. Swipe left😉”.

The 13-episode show is set to air on March 2 on SABC1 and it follows the musician on his journey of conquering life stages.

According to a statement from the channel, the show is a “kaleidoscope of relentless ambition and boundless creativity, moments of vibrant tapestry woven with threads of fashion-forward trends and exotic travel destinations.”

Viewers will get a front row seat as they witness Nova’s unstoppable journey from a life of fame on the fast-lane to becoming a grandfather and life-changing spiritual odyssey to business ventures, all set against the backdrop of luxurious locales.

“Amid the glitz of fame and the glamour of fortune, he remains a young Xhosa man at heart, deeply connected to his cultural roots.

“This world is an intricate blend of modern extravagance and traditional values, where spiritual journeys and ancestral ties are as significant as his next chart-topping hit or business venture,” the statement read.

His multi-talented best friend, Somizi Mhlongo, is also set to appear on the show.

In the short trailer, posted by Nova, he tells Mhlongo that his “blessings aren’t coming the way they should be”.

Mhlongo then advises him to see a spiritual healer.

Later, in other confessions we hear that “competitors” are trying to “kill” the Vusi Nova brand and that he is going to “die”.

A sneak peak into the first episode divulges a drama-filled episode as Nova grapples with the shock of becoming a grandfather while preparing for a gig and dealing with the loss of his dog.

A surprise visit from Dezz with news of his child and a candid conversation with friend sets the tone for Vusi's multifaceted life.

And, in June, the season finale unfolds with Vusi tackling financial disputes in Muthaland Entertainment and seeking personal evolution through therapy.

The episode reaches a crescendo with a dramatic kitchen brawl, a vivid showcase of the high stakes and raw emotions that define Nova’s life.

Nova’s fans can’t wait to pop the corn and get on the couch.

“Im so excited, can't wait 🥹🥰,” wrote @asipher.s.

“it’s about time ❤️maybe people will appreciate you better 🥳🥳yu deserve more blessings congrats,” said @zuluphoebe.

“Mmmhh can't wait 😍, love any show that has "v" on it..the aunthesity in his personality, is admired by me,” said @zanothandodamour.

∎ “Vusi Nova Unprovoked” airs on SABC1 on March 2 at 8pm.